Do the Diu!


A scene straight from the classic novels!

Photo of A scene straight from the classic novels! by Himadri Pal

The Boundary wall at night

Photo of The Boundary wall at night by Himadri Pal

Pani Kotha...water surrounded prison

Photo of Pani Kotha...water surrounded prison by Himadri Pal

One of the many cannons established on the fort

Photo of One of the many cannons established on the fort by Himadri Pal
Photo of by Himadri Pal

The lined arches

Photo of The lined arches by Himadri Pal

Remains of the fort's church

Photo of Remains of the fort's church by Himadri Pal

Church of St. Paul's

Photo of Church of St. Paul's by Himadri Pal
Photo of by Himadri Pal

The town wall of Diu at night!

Photo of The town wall of Diu at night! by Himadri Pal

Diu is a tiny little treasure of a town unnoticed by many. You cannot truly appreciate its beauty until you have yourself been there, traveled through its clean winding roads and felt the fresh sea breeze that just never happens to cease. I did not visit the town with very high expectations, but just as I was entering the island, the bridge connecting it from the mainland happened to be surprisingly scenic. And it gives a view to behold during the night hours!

We had managed to get a comfortable accommodation in the circuit house but the town also has ample number of hotels. It was dusk by the time we reached Diu. So, we enjoyed the drive along Jalandhar beach and marveled at the beauty of the beautifully lit up fort and town wall. Since it was a weekday, there was no hustle-bustle in the city and the beaches were clean as ever!!

The next day we visited the fort first thing in the morning and it did not disappoint us! Spread over a huge area, it is beautiful with almost all the original structures intact! Numerous cannons have been preserved inside the fort and also on the boundary walls. Nestled inside, is a church with a jaw-dropping view of the sea! The fort has a lot of picturesque locations where one can practice their photography skills. On the top is a light house which is open to public for viewing. It is advisable to be done with the fort by noon as the sun tends to get pretty fiery unless you are lucky with the clouds.

Our next stop was the St. Paul's church, white and neat, set amidst trees on all sides, a very serene place of worship! The inscriptions inside describe all the 10 commandments in detail. Then we proceeded to Naida caves, which might be one of the most spectacular caves across the country. They are a series of tunnels and hollows with intricate winding. You feel like getting lost in these out-of-the-world surroundings. This place has seen centuries of war and peace and stands intact telling out several possible stories. 

Diu also has a sea shell museum that I could not visit as it was closed but I would suggest this place as it is known for its collection of approximately 3000 shells! The city in itself has a very European essence to it mainly because of the architecture which has been influenced by the Portuguese rulers. The afternoon hours of the town are eerily quiet with not a soul on the streets because most people here have the routine of staying inside from noon till 4 pm. The market shuts down during these hours and we were not even able to find people who would help us find our way through the town. So, plan your day accordingly.

As the sunset neared, we headed towards Nagoa beach which has calm clear waters (Not as clear as the Andamans), and also hosts a variety of water sports. The best possible ending to a touristy day in Diu! My next visit would be to attend Fiesta de Diu which is a beach festival held in Diu usually from December to February and boasts of being Asia's largest beach festival. Wait for it!