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Devka Beach

Rachael Pereira
FORTS and CHURCHESOnce you enter Daman , one will notice  fortified structure all around the place, elegantly laid out high stone walls that surrounds an area of 12,250 sq. meters.  Daman is a fortified city with all governor and administrative houses in that area. Daman being a former Portuguese colony has a stunning port , it is bestowed with architectural magnificence and that is clearly reflected through the very peculiar attributes of the monuments across the city. The forts are a symbol of might and power since the ancient days.  There is a beautiful church , definitely worth a visit known as ' Church of Our Lady Of Sea' , our visit to this place strengthened us spiritually as well as gave a sense of peace. There is something about this place that relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your soul.
Tanvi S
Devka beach was less crowded but it really needs to be cleaned every day. Why can't people follow basic civic sense and visit places responsibly? It's not only government's job but as a citizen, we should be more aware? Why throw waste in such places when they don't even do that at their own house? Its very beautiful place if you can overlook the dirt on the shore.
Dheeraj Gava
First we went to Devka Beach. It is a rocky beach.We found many couples and family came here to enjoy. Most of them enjoy in garden near to beach. Its is not swimmer friendly beach due to rocky Geography. You should be caution during high Tide because you can't watch stones that time may cause injuries.
A rocky beach and one that's not ideal for swimming. Here's where you will find your typical beach activities like camel & horse rides, para sailing, etc. This beach is very touristy and is best avoided on weekends and public holidays. Not too clean either with plastic & beer bottles lining the beach. If you do wish to visit this beach, pick a time when it's less crowded preferably on a weekday to marvel at the amazing sunset here.