This UNSEEN INDIA travel film by MakeMyTrip will fill your heart with love and pride!


It’s understandable - we get it. It’s been some time since you stepped out and took a break; and the mind, body, soul are all itching for a getaway. If lengthy hours of boring work are getting to you, then this video might just be the break you need right now.

And looking at this Unseen India film - it has brought into play such a mix of emotions and a sense of pride for our nation. We watched this film once more just to feel the goosebumps again whilst enjoying the gentle poetry in Vijay Raaz’s voice.

The hidden gems shown in the #MyIndia Unseen India travel film are not only less crowded in comparison to other tourist destinations in India, but are also a perfect getaway from busy city life.

MakeMyTrip has been urging everyone to go beyond the ordinary with its #MyIndia campaign, and explore the beauty of our country with a different lens.As a part of the campaign, MakeMyTrip collaborated with 22 Indian travel Instagrammers to encourage everyone to travel and rediscover these unseen, pristine places of India, which are still unknown to so many of us.

What the campaign was all about

As a part of MakeMyTrip’s #MyIndia campaign, travel Instagrammers went to 19 states and 3 union territories, covering some of the most beautiful unseen places. These Instagrammers, through reels, videos, and images, showed us that there are multiple places here in India, which are still waiting to be explored by us. Along with sharing glimpses of their travel journeys, these influencers also encouraged us to post a picture of a hidden gem we visited as a part of the #MyIndia contest, the winners of which would get a chance to be MakeMyTrip’s travel ambassador!

Places your favourite creators visited

Let’s have a look at some of the places covered by our favourite people of the internet - starting from Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl) who had gone to Leh-Ladakh.

Next up in our list of favourites, we have a dreamy stay vacation in Meghalaya explored by Mohnish.

Now from the East, let’s head over to the South where culture, traditions, and art come together in a perfect blend!

How to plan a trip like this for yourself

To get access to more such posts, head over to MakeMyTrip’s Instagram posts, Guides or to trip ideas section of the MakeMyTrip app, to see all the places your favorite creators covered during this amazing campaign! And to get your hands on the best hotel locations, trip ideas, cab bookings and easy access to flights, you can head over to the MakeMyTrip app!

Our bags are packed and we’re all set to explore all these hidden gems! What about you?

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