Top 3 Reasons for an Extended Stay


Traveling across towns and countries are common these days. The changing lifestyle has dynamically changed the traveling habits of many users. Nowadays people prefer going for an extended stay than a short visit to some place. If you are wondering what are the top reasons that encourage people going for an extended stay, read on.

Leisure Trip

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We all need something to rejuvenate ourselves. Routine life takes away the energy we have and we all need a break from the usual life. This fact exists for ages and it has kept people motivated to go for a vacation with family or friends. The current trend is also going for a solo trip and entering into the new world. However, a short trip makes us more tired than before. In fact, it is too hectic to go out for a few days and then getting back to the routine life. This fact has started a new trend of going for an extended trip that involves staying in a town for a longer period and exploring the town and nearby places. There are many travelers who go for an extended stay of a week or even a month, stay in one of the weekly hotels and enjoy vacations that revitalize them.

Business Trip

The competition and innovations are making life of business people difficult. The business executives holding senior positions often need to visit different towns to meet business demands such as meeting prospects, clients; attending expo, events or conferences; so on and so forth. These types of business trips often demand staying for at least 2-3 weeks in other cities that can’t be justified with small trip of a day or two. The business representatives can’t leave for hometown until the agenda for the trip is met and the extended stay often gets longer than the defined one.

Business trip extended for leisure

Business trips are often hectic and exhausting. Dealing with delegates and achieving business goals are not less than fighting a battle. Thus, it has been seen that the business executives often extended their business trips after meeting the business agendas. This extended time is for relaxing a bit and doing some recreational activities that prepare them for the next task or project.

These are the top 3 reasons for people going for an extended trip and stay for a long time in different towns. Are you planning your next extended trip? Then, don’t forget to reserve your room in one of the best extended stay hotels in the town you’re visiting that offers value added services, amenities and cheap weekly rates. Visit and find the best hotels of the town and also get benefit of special rates on booking.

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