Triose Villa Boutique, Lonavala

25th Aug 2017

The Triose Villa Boutique is a quaint and rather luxurious boutique hotel nestled in the ghats of Western India, in the idyllic locales of Lonavala.

An hour’s drive or so away from Pune, Lonavala offers some amazing options for a quick weekend getaway, and the Triose Villa is one of the best there is.

Triose Villa offers some of the best rooms in Lonavala in terms of luxury. The central location of the bungalow at just a stone’s throw away from the Triose Plaza which offers an address that is known to everyone who visits Lonavala and the local people.

The Villa is situated right next to the Triose Plaza on the main road. While going towards Tiger Point or Bushy dam, one usually passes right by the hotel. The Plaza and Villa are extremely eye-catching due to the elegance of the architecture and the exteriors that give it a modern look.

While it offers limited rooms, every room in the Triose Villa offers an unrestricted view of Lonavala lake or The Maharashtra State Agricultural Research Institute.

The rooms have a huge fourteen feet ceiling height giving the impression of a larger room and the high celling also works as a natural cooler. The rooms are also centrally air conditioned for convenience. Coming to the room itself, I loved the four-poster bed strategically placed in the middle of the room. While there were no drapes around the bed, it was one of the most impressive I had seen or experienced in any commercial hotel. The walls too are made of stone which helps keep the room a few degrees cooler.

The bed is so soft and comfortable, I ended up having one of my best night's sleep there. Slept like a baby!

Being a rather small standalone building, there is no kitchen or other entertainment options available in the hotel itself. The food, whether it’s the complimentary breakfast or any room service, is ordered and delivered from the Triose Plaza next door.

For breakfast, we opted for omlette and aloo paratha with coffee. Standard stuff, well made and definitely filling.

The Triose Plaza has the most luxurious theatre in Lonavala and houses some of the favorite restaurants thereby offering you food, shopping and entertainment. They also have a fun zone where one can partake in a few indoor games. The theatre is a small and cozy outfit and we were treated to a screening of “A Gentleman: Sundar, Susheel, Risky” one evening. You can check out my take on the movie here.

While I appreciate and savor the hand rolled pizzas at such pizzerias, I am a sucker for Domino’s pizza so when I chanced upon an outlet of the same at the Triose Plaza, that instantly became our dinner one night.

We also tried Chicken Burger at another local outlet. Decent stuff.

Triose Villa Boutique is an ideal hotel to chill out with friends or loved ones, for people who have visited Lonavala umpteen times and would rather spend some quality time with their friends or families instead of running helter-skelter from one point to another.

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