Ward no - Covid 19🚫

14th Jul 2020
Day 1

Any positive news was so negative for you and your family in the recent times?

A week that got you weak?

Oh yes, I had one. Very huge. Very solid.

A week of my life that has just turned upside down, right and left. Just like a rollercoaster.

Never knew the actual meaning of "life is like a roller coaster ride" untill now.

A couple of weeks back, my mom felt breathless and her sugar levels went very high, we gave all the possible tests including covid, thankfully she was tested negative, but we were said , she must be in observation for next one week, so we admitted her in a very high standard Hospital from Hyderabad, as she couldn't move and get her things done i was assisting her. Meanwhile the hospital was transferred under covid treatment.

As the cases were going up. There were thousand of people visiting hospital everyday.

In exact one week almost 3/4th of the hospital including Doctors , nurse's, and people from canteen also tested positive eventually 

That is because, the covid virus has spread in the air, as the number of people increased in admitting and giving for tests. The virus has spread all over the hospital

Knowing all this, I took very specific care. Covered myself with n95maks, surgical masks and what not.


My skin tore apart wearing gloves . It felt 10days for me to feel my hands and legs, I had mask lines on my face. 

                           (Hello it's me)

So all the floors in the hospital were under covid treatment, I was in the same floor where 23 postive patients were getting treated.

I had sleepless nights, hearing people cough,kids crying, trust me It was terrible, I felt the pain in my chest.

Seeing a 4year old kid fighting the pandemic was horrible.

My window was a getaway for  fresh air on count of 10seconds and then mask'S on.

On the 9th day , we were informed that my mom would be discharged in couple of days. 

One of the nurse and floor doc recommended me to give a covid test before going home, I taught it's actually a good idea to give one. The covid test centre in the hospital didn't take my test after waiting for couple of hours , as I had no symptoms, and then I checked with one of my mum's doctor who gave me a prescription to get one done, and then I was eligible to give one. Yay!

Right before I gave my covid swab, it felt like an entrace exam to my life.

Everyone from the floor, doc and nurses were wishing me luck to fail, but I eventually passed the test 😢

Oh yes, I was tested positive. πŸ™ƒ

I got a text on my phone asking me to collect my reports from the lab, I was so damn sure that I would not be infected , but once when I checked my reports it was postive. 

I was in a trauma on count of 100(basically i count 10 when I'm happened to have a panic attack) i continued to count to not have one.

I felt breathless, that is because I had zero symptoms.

I just went down to the parking. Removed all my masks and felt my breath if I was feeling anything wrong 

But I was totally fine. Like totally totally just like very normal human.

I walked up to my mom, her situation was so bad that I didn't know if I had to assist her or tell her about my test.

I told her the next day, she was tremble.

She asked me what do we do? I only had one thought I shouldn't be effecting/infecting anyone.

I had an immediate doctor consultation. 

The doctor suggested me to isolate for next one week and repeat my test again after a week.

And I had a list of medications, which I had to use for a week.

The medication were as simple as my situation.

There were multivitamins, vitamin c and zinc suppliments. Oh btw, I was suggested to use paracetamol if I had fever anytime πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

That's it. That was my treatment, and he says i'll be totally fine in a week. I was questioning myself if having "corona" was this simple? πŸ™„

I literally asked him to give me some actual extra medication , he then showed me he's test which was carbon-copy of mine, and it was positive also the medicines he was using was same as mine and guess what we were in the same path of life πŸ™ˆ

What next after, I got tested positive?

All I had to do was,

Eat healthy meals, drink hotwater, take all the suppliments, steam as much as possible and rest all day. This is my schedule for another one week.

Having corona internally dosent feel anything, but I lost connection with the external world. I miss cuddling with my niece, miss my mom feeding me, sharing my food with my sister and my evening walks with  guna 🐢

It's been a week already, one more week of isolation and I'm ready to give my another test πŸ’ͺ

Today, I'm thankful for not having any deadly symptoms.

I'm thankful for all the medical community 

I'm thankful noone of my family or friends got infected.

I'm thankful that I'm gifted the privilege staying home .

I'm thankful for all the healthy meals.

I'm thankful for giving much more time to work on myself.

I'm thankful for all the prayers , love and support.

Just hoping to get out of the current situation soon, so that I can just come out of my room and hug my parents and just feel the new normal.

But for me this phase is POWERFUL,

Where I'm Learning to direct my energy towards the right things , that is helping me to GROW, EVOLVE, TRANSFORM

When I walk out of this four walls , I would never be the same again . πŸŒž


I didn't choose to go out and get this virus into my body. The situation happened to me, I was prepared and I'm totally okay with it now.

Whoever is reading this, Just stay home untill everything gets normal.

Surgical masks doesn't help, as the virus is transmitted through air now. Use a better mask to save yourself.

Gloves are also recommended 

Thermometer and pulsi oxi meter should be your new toys. If you don't have one. You should definitely get one.

Avoid grocery stores, instead go to your nearest local shop.

And most importantly physical distancing.

Because at this time you never know who has the virus and how it attacks you.

Not everyone is as good as me πŸ˜‰

So let's just better,

Stay safe

Stay home.


Give all the love to your fam and friends 

                         Lots of love from my heart to yours 


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Photo of Hyderabad City by Alekhya chow
Photo of Hyderabad City by Alekhya chow
Photo of Hyderabad City by Alekhya chow
Photo of Hyderabad City by Alekhya chow
Photo of Hyderabad City by Alekhya chow