What is Popular Tours in Alanya ?


Alanya Horse Riding

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Popular Safari Tours in Alanya

Typically, when safari tours are mentioned, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is the fact that these tours, which are quite popular abroad, are now gaining popularity in our country. As for Alanya, when safari tours are mentioned, they tend to have some of the best reviews. However, many people might still think that they won’t be pleased with safari tours. But, everybody who recently has gone on a safari tour has found their holiday unforgettable.

Alanya Horse Riding Excursions

Normally, when the Alanya horse riding excursions are talked about, the thing that comes to people’s minds may be that it’s a classic type of tour. However, these excursions allow people to have an incredible time. These excursions begin in the Taurus Mountains and last for 3 hours. The horses preferred to be ridden on this excursion come from the Alanya Horse Farm and since they have been groomed and trained as much as necessary, participants will have no problems as they begin at the Antique City of Sydra and tour around much of its surrounding area.

Alanya ATV Motor Safari

The Alanya ATV motor safari tours, which are held twice a day, are known to be one of the most popular safari tours of recent. If the participants don’t have any experience riding an ATV, they will start the safari after a short training session, which will be conducted before the tour. During the safari, participants will not only rid an ATV, but they should also bring their swimsuits if they desire to swim during the breaks given throughout the tour.

Alanya Jeep Safari

On the Alanya Jeep Safari tours, which bring a different meaning to the word safari, participants will tour around the Dim Cave, one of the most beautiful places in Alanya. After looking around the local beauty that they can find here, they will be able to rest on the Dim River while also being able to fish here. On this tour, which is mostly held in the Taurus Mountains, if participants get hungry, there will be a break to not only swim in the Dim River, but also to have lunch. In this way, people will be able to tour around the most beautiful places in Alanya on just one tour and end the safari in the most enjoyable way imaginable.

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