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The best way to get from Kabak to Antalya was a bus from Fethiye and surprisingly we managed to get one within 15 mins of arriving at the bus station. Soon we found ourselves comfortably seated for a 4-hour journey ahead. Countryside views were disappointing but the roads were good and we managed to get some shut-eye before we had to get off and explore Antalya. We had not really planned to spend much time in Antalya and we only went there to go rafting in the Koprulu Canyon. But since we had half a day to explore Antalya we set out to make the best of it. We stayed in a pension in old town Antalya which apparently was one of the things to do in the whole of Antalya. The old town reminded me of other European city's old towns. It was walled on all sides by an old crumbling fortress, had vehicle-free cobbled streets and narrow alleys, single-storied antique houses with courtyards that were now converted to shops or hotels and plethora of German pubs. This was the first time on the whole trip where I was exposed to an area with such a high density of pubs serving a large variety of drinks. While alcohol does flow freely in Turkey, pub culture wasn't something that had stood out till now. Excited to find this gold mine, my exploration of old town soon turned into an exploration of Bavarian beer and naturally I fell in love with the old town. I have been told that my level of affection is highly correlated to my level of intoxication and hence it isn't probably fair to rest of Turkey that I fell in love with the old town of Antalya.Koprulu Canyon is a couple of hours from Antalya and is mainly known for river rafting. It was a bright and sunny day to be out on the river even though the water in the river was freezing cold and it completely negated the sun's heat. Our raft had 5 others who were all Egyptians and our raft captain took a keen interest in the 17-year-old girl who was sitting right behind me. I think I should pause here to explain how I found quite a few Turkish men to be playful and flirtatious by nature. My first day in Istanbul, the Turkish ice cream man managed to creep me out by treating me like a cat chasing a bird's feather, but slowly I was getting accustomed to their men. So when our captain took unwarranted interest in that girl, I was not entirely surprised but I was slightly worried about his ability to focus on anything else. The river flowed through the canyon and there were areas where the river was tightly sandwiched between the cliffs. For the most part of the 14 km stretch, we had the view of the Taurus range and the captain kept waking me up from my reverie by dropping ice-cold water droplets down my spine. There weren't many rapids along the way but we enjoyed the ones that we came across and for rest of the journey we enjoyed the view, water fights with other rafts and stealthy attacks that ended up with many of us splashing into the ice-cold river and me trying to swim in these waters to defrost myself. After 4 hours on the river, we were more refreshed than tired and I was ready to get back to my mugs of Bavarian beer and free popcorn that came with it. Much of what Antalya had to offer was drowned in mugs of beer and before we knew it our time there was over and it was time to move again.8. Houston, it seems we have landed on Mars

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