What Movie That Highlights The Koh Phi Phi Leh Island


One of the most beautiful tourist spots that a lot of travelers are visiting in Thailand is the Koh Phi Phi Leh, near Phuket. If you are planning to visit this location one day, yet you want to get some idea about how the area looks like for now, watch movies online. Watch the “The Beach” movie whose lead actor is Leonardo DiCaprio and co-stars Tilda Swinton, Guillaume Canet, Virginie Ledoyen, and, Robert Carlyle.

Let’s talk about “The Beach” movie

This is a British-American movie in 2000, directed by Danny Boyle. The story of this adventure drama was originated from the 1996 novel of Alex Garland, which was attuned by John Hodge for the film.

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Taped on Phi Leh Island’s main beach of, “The Beach” movie highlighted environmental vandalism when imported palms were planted to make the ideal beach significantly greater. The land was harmed by the 2004 ghastly tidal wave, yet has now recouped from the calamity.

When you watch movies online on letmewatchthis, “The Beach” is the perfect movie to have a view of the Koh Phi Phi Leh Island. For a few, it's the main motivation to touchdown in Phuket. Phi's excellence is a huge bump of the appeal in the movie. When drawn closer by watercraft, the island ascends from the ocean like a post. The sheer cliff tower overhead that offer approach to beach-fronted wilderness. The Beach is like an all-consuming instant adoration. Its story is state of mind of this island.

In the movie, Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio) is an innocent traveler who embarks to locate the mythical beach from the clamoring backpack scuffle of Khao San Road in Bangkok downtown. The Haeo Suwat Falls in Khao Yai National Park was the second-biggest stop in Thailand that drew attention to watchers. You will discover the waterfall that comes to an end of Thanarat Road in the main point of the park that is around a three-hour drive from Bangkok.

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Watch movies online, click on the “The Beach” and have the chance to get to know Koh Phi Phi Leh Island.

The Phi Island is island-whiz of Thailand. It's been in the movies. It's the point of discussion for travelers in Thailand. More scenes were shot in Krabi and Phuket. The island is come to daily traveler ship from the piers of Krabi and Phuket Pier, in which the traveling time is roughly an hour and a half. You can take a round-trip for only 600 Baht by speedboat for the return tickets, and 1,200 Baht for each individual.

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