Why Should Trekking Be On Your List?

12th Aug 2018
Photo of Why Should Trekking Be On Your List? by Bhoomi Patel
Day 1

Well to be honest, it is an experience which even words cannot describe. No matter how hard you try but there are certain moments which can only be felt when you live it.

1. Getting out of your comfort zone and totally living a different life.

* we’re so busy living a monotonous life that we often forget that we are given a life to live and not just survive. Some of us are even scared to accept the change. Well trekking will take you to a totally different world. Where you’ll have money but no where to spend. Where you cannot buy things you’ve to earn it. Where your status won’t matter but your kindness will. Where your profession won’t matter but your ability will. Where your qualification will not talk but your positivity will. It will make you feel how blessed you’re with a healthy life.

2. Take away your fears and give you strength at the same time.

* We often underestimate our power because we have listened to people or by the fear of being judged. If talking about mountain life nobody is going to judge you,instead they’ll push you towards your goal. Living that life for few days will make you realize you worry about problems which do not even matter. You’ll surely face risk at every step and you’ll fear more than you ever feared in life but every step taken further will leave you more powerful. Your inner self will push you towards achieving it and will introduce you with your strength. Making you realize you do not need anybody in life to achieve your goals,your power is enough.

3. You can literally feel the divine power.

* You’ve to respect nature before loving it. That’s what I’ve learnt. Surely mountains are wild but it will leave you more softer. You will feel those vibes calling you again. You’ll feel some kind of power is pulling you up not to show its superiority but to see you at the top,to give you happiness and to convey the message that there’s a world which is continuously calling us and still were neglecting it for a luxurious life.

4. The peace

* “Tranquillity” that’s what all talk about right? But some of us still do not know how that feeling is. Being near to nature is definitely a way of finding peace. But that Doesn’t mean there will be no sound. You’ll hear cold breeze giving a hush to your ears,the still sound of running stream,ringing of mule’s bells,birds singing out loud,people talking their heart out,the roar of thunderstorm and even your “sigh” will give you music without disturbing your inner peace.

5. Will switch your materialistic thoughts towards intellectual

* We are addicted to luxury and materialistic things, our life is surrounded by easy to get things. But are rarely satisfied about those! Trekking will throw all the challenges at your face and after overcoming it, you’ll feel immensely satisfied. you’ll see world in a different way, you’ll try to understand each and every aspect of life and moreover you’ll succeed in it easily.

6. Bring out humanity

* We all are humans but very few of us show

humanity. After experiencing a daunting and adventurous Trek, you’ll feel how important it is for a human to act like one. You’ll know the importance of the word “Kind”. Even localities will teach you what it feels like when someone helps you and be kind towards you. You’ll not opt for this forcefully but by choice.

7. Lastly you’ll meet your soul

* Our half of the life goes searching for our better half and forget we have our own soul also who needs love. It will introduce you towards self love. you’ll start listening to your soul more and mind less. Trust me your souls speaks to you louder than your mind. All the positivity will start attracting towards it.

Thank you for reading.

Happy trekking :)

Photo of Himalayas by Bhoomi Patel
Photo of Himalayas by Bhoomi Patel
Photo of Himalayas by Bhoomi Patel
Photo of Himalayas by Bhoomi Patel
Photo of Himalayas by Bhoomi Patel
Photo of Himalayas by Bhoomi Patel