Why Travel SOLO?


How did you manage to travel alone? I don't believe that you traveled alone all the way to a different country. Were you with someone? Blah Blah. Well these were the kind of questions I was asked when I came back from solo trip to Thailand. Yes my first solo backpack ever. But to be very honest i didn't felt unusual or you can say it was very normal to hear such questions because maybe i was waiting for this. Even I could have asked the same thing to people who traveled alone. This is one such thing which is not everyone's cup of tea. I can bet on this that not everyone can dare to travel alone. Morever this this is India is not accepted yet ot people are not aware of this.

But trust me traveling alone will completely change your way of looking the things, the beauty and this world. Initially I used to dream of a big house, an expensive car and all the materialistic luxurious things but now things have totally changed for me. Just close your eyes for once and think of the mobile phones you had in your life and then think for how much time did those phones actually made you feel happy and for how much time did those phones actually gave you that happiness for which you worked so hard to get them. Probably a week, or a month or at max 6 months Right? And now think of that one thing you did in your life say a trip with your friends, an adventure sport or maybe something you did which made others happy or maybe something which bought you that adrenaline rush into you. Now I bet those things or activity can still bring that goosebumps in you and you still gets excited thinking of those things. This is what I am talking of.

Materialistic things can only excite you for sometime not for lifelong but adventures, experiences will remain with you always and will keep moving you forward or will keep pushing you to greater limits for sure. Do what you always wanted to do. There comes a time in life when you are all by yourself. I mean no one is there with you not even your family, not even your parents or siblings or spouse but you and only you. At that moment you realize how lone you were and all that you have been doing in your life was just for nothing.

Traveling solo gave me the confidence to live alone, it made me realize that the real gift in your life is your "Present" and you can only get it by giving it to yourself. I mean who has seen the future? No one. So why to worry about future. We work our asses day and night and we save money for our future but tell me honestly has anyone used their saved money the way they wanted to in the future. I guess percentage would be pretty less.

Best part about travelling solo is that you are free to do anything you want. I mean you are free to do anything and you do anything you want and nobody will give a damn. I was there at this Island and there was a party going on at the beach and free rum bucket was offered to the one who danced naked and so here I was stepping up at the dance floor with my gun about to shoot and trust me nobody gave a damn and to my surprise I saw people enjoying the show although I was quiet wasted by that time but still it was fun. This is just an example to tell you that how wonderful travelling solo is.

When you are at the middle of a sea surrounded by small islands and cool wind kissing your cheeks and you just close your eyes for that moment and suddenly that sense of realization of what you actually want in life happens. Trust me you will feel it, you will feel that adrenaline rush through your body and most importantly your mind.

Photo of Why Travel SOLO? 1/2 by NIKHIL JAIN

There was this place where I had to climb more then 1200 steps and trust me after reaching only 300 i almost gave up, it was so fucking exhausting. I almost lost my breath and my legs were about to leave my body but then again something happened strange inside me. Something echoed inside my heart and mind "You gotta do this shit man, just 900 more to go". It came like a booster to me and then I climbed few but then again i felt exhausted almost reaching at half stage of my journey and again that voice inside my head said "cmon man! you gotta do this, only 600 more to go". Somehow I managed to reach at top and the view there was worth . 

Photo of Why Travel SOLO? 2/2 by NIKHIL JAIN

all this efforts. I just sat there for sometimes and I realized loosing and winning is all in our mind. If we really want something then we can get it no matter how bumpy the road is. The mantra is you just got to keep going and eventually you will reach your destination. Now many of you must be saying that many of them haven't reached their destinations so for them I would like to say "Its the journey that matters not the destination my friend". You must have at least gained something out of that journey. The thing is you got to take risk, just go out live your dream, be a traveler not a tourist and trust me your life will change.