10 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Trek At Least Once In Your Lifetime


"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves." – Edmund Hillary

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Yes, that's what you learn when you go on a trek. Trust me, you will never be the same person after your each and every trek. You will learn so many things about life, about your own self when you go on a trek. If you have done it before in your life, then you can relate with all these points and If you have not done it yet, then you should give it a chance so that you can understand What is 'LIFE'.

1. It Makes You Fearless.

When you take a risk to climb a mountain that moment you actually face so many obstacles, you actually see that it is not as easy as you thought. You realize that your competition is not others but your own fears. So Take Risks And Conquer Your Fears.

2. It Makes You Strong Not Even Physically, But Mentally Too.

People think hiking is easy, but trust me, I have seen people who are beast in the gym, but gave up after hiking few minutes on a trek. For trekking you need something more, you have to make yourself mentally strong to take a hike. Hiking is physically as well as mentally challenging task.

3. Sometimes The Journey Is Better Than The Destination.

Hike just not to reach the destination, but to realize that to travel slowly and happily is better than to arrive. Enjoy the view, melt yourself in that beauty, laugh on yourself that yes, you are doing it for your own self, listen your own heartbeats, listen to that voice inside of you which is saying that you are a crazy beautiful soul.

4. It Makes You Start Living In The Present.

You don't think about your future and your past as you take a hike. Because If you keep constantly looking towards your summit or even thinking about it, then there is 99% of chance that you can lose the grip on your footsteps easily and face an accident. So just focus on your own footsteps and live in the moment to reach the destination calmly.

5. It Makes Your Spirit Clean.

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride are 7 deadly sins which we humans commit. We walk according to the society because we are a social animal, that is why we are not free, we are dependent. To make yourself free you should take a hike. As I told you that you will never be the same person after each and every trek.

6. It Teaches You The Meaning Of Love and Humanity.

You will find so many people on a trek who will help you without even knowing your name or Who you are. They will teach you the meaning of love and humanity. I remember once I saved a guy who was about to fall and he asked me Why do you save me even after knowing that you can also fall? I replied so that I can make you my friend and yes, He is my friend now. :)

7. Forget The Meaning Of Comfort Zone.

Those Big Bedrooms, Luxurious Cars, Trendy Gadgets, Unlimited Wi-fi, Fine dining restaurants, Yes you won't find them there on a trek. Packaged food, Open bathrooms, Sweating, Dust, Sleeping in a tent sometimes with insects and mosquitoes. Yes, it is something which will take you out of your comfort zone and will still make you smile.

8. Lose Your Weight With In Few Days.

It is not a stupid advertisement of slimming and toning but it is a fact. You will definitely lose your weight that too with inches after each and every trek. So next time if you feel like that you want to lose some weight then go on a trek and see the magic by your own without any terms and conditions applied. ;)

9. Ordinary Life Doesn't Interest Me Anymore.

Now I personally feel that my life starts where my comfort zone ends another wise, I feel like as if I am not living it. Every time it happens to me whenever I reach to the summit I feel like crying because I feel so alive, I feel as if I reborn here, I feel like a free kid who doesn't know anything, I don't feel like going back to my ordinary life. So it will eventually change your perception towards life. Once you come back you will more fall in love with the people whom you know.

10. It Makes Your Life Better And Will Give You Lifetime Experience.

You make friends, you learn, you play, you have a story to share and trust me no matter how many treks you do in your entire life, you will never forget any of them. I still remember the story of each and every trek of mine. It is so damn clear in my mind as if it happened yesterday.

So what are you waiting for? Go for a hike man.

Photo of 10 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Trek At Least Once In Your Lifetime 2/2 by Kamakshi Pal
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this is just ................ Loved it :)
Sat 11 17 18, 16:38 · Reply · Report
Holy true... "Trust me, you will never be the same person after your each and every trek." Thank you Kamakshi for sharing your words..
Fri 06 24 16, 08:19 · Reply (1) · Report
My Pleasure Sir :)
Wed 06 29 16, 16:39 · Report
Thank you, Kamakshi for such beautiful blog, Your writing inspires me to go on trek from last few years am trying to do this, but after reading i'll go for sure...!!! Thank you 1's again for striking a idea about TREK in my MIND
Fri 06 17 16, 10:03 · Reply (1) · Report
Anytime Sarvesh :)
Wed 06 29 16, 16:38 · Report
Absolutely true...mountains bring serenity, calm n when ur back to normal life, u just forget past n forgive ppl around u.
Wed 02 17 16, 09:35 · Reply (1) · Report
Exactly. It is a peace for your soul :)
Wed 02 17 16, 10:35 · Report
very well written. can certainly relate myself to all these points.
Tue 02 16 16, 15:04 · Reply (1) · Report
Thanks Gauri :)
Tue 02 16 16, 17:11 · Report
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