What prevents you from travelling.

Photo of What prevents you from travelling. 1/3 by Rahul Chandran
Photo of What prevents you from travelling. 2/3 by Rahul Chandran
Photo of What prevents you from travelling. 3/3 by Rahul Chandran

The urge to travel is within everyone but how many of them quench that thirst to travel, the answer is few. What prevents them from living their dream.
Lets deal with some of those hurdles


Money might be the first thing that holds people from travelling. But do money really matters, ofcourse it does. But with good planning and some compremises we  could really save a lot of the money.Try booking your tickets early, while booking  railway tickets go for sleeper rather than AC and if your travel is short go for general tickets. For onroad  travel stop booking cabs from OLA try public transport and even you could go for a lift from strangers ( strangers are not always maniacs who kidnap you.. Thats dumb) For long run you could even go for a service and all, but i am not going for that. When you are going for a hotel go for a low to medium budget one or a dormitory. Go beyond your comfort zone atleast once to experience the unexpected.

Fear of safety and approval

So called society might say " what!! you are going alone thats not safe, what if you get kidnapped, what if some terrorist make you into a masterpiece".  Those who dont want to do, never let others to do also. So just smile away from that crap. Your fate is your decision and the outcome of your decision wont make you regret, atleast you never tried to follow the mass right. So you never need approval from anyone other  than yourself. While travelling alone be always  modest, respect other's value and culture. Dress appropriate to the culture of that place. You cannot go to a gurudwara without covering your head or you cannot eat non veg in pushkar because that is against their belief.Their is always a first time for everything, so even if you do something unknowingly no one is going to eat you. Say a sorry and start respecting their culture and beliefs.Last day i read a blog of Mahima Nanda who travel around india without money. She did free services, travelled around in trucks and had free bus rides, had food with strangers shared free rooms with new friends. So safety is a mere conception. The safe doing of one might be an unsafe practice to another, smile respect and deal with the problems. Seeing a new place, having a new taste, meeting a stranger, staying in a new place is not at all a safety issue its just an adventure. So break the cocoon and fly.

Bad boss no leave

Bad boss would never become extinct so learn to deal with them. Plan your trip make sure you saved your leave and ask for the leave in advance, so that he wont make excuses. We work to have a good happy life, but never work  so hard and let the work suck your life. Always have courage to take time out for yourself from work. If your work is valued by the firm you will get what you deserves, never overdo things and forget to live. Take a break when you feel to have one.And if you are sure that your mean boss is not going to give you a leave, then improvise and make up a story of lies. As they say you could say 100 lies to have a wonderfull trip ( dont post your vacation pictures after saying you are in a hospital admitted for chicken pox). Never forget to say no when its time, never afraid to ask what you want when you need. 


Those who have never travelled alone might say travelling alone is soooo bore. Man how can they no if they haven't tried it.Travelling alone can give you a new unbiased perspective on things.No need to wait for anyone, no need to change your decision based on the mass. You are free and could do what you want.
Best thing in travelling alone is you could  meet up with total strangers who might become a friend for a long run. You could transform yourself from a shy, home sick person to an outgoing personality.

For a solo traveller everything is in his own ways, no restrictions, no feel of insecurity and ofcourse no change of plans because every plan is yours only. 
When you execute your own plan, when you do things that you wanted, when you have a whole world to talk to what will make you bored.
Things you can do is above your imagination, you just need to try it. So stop thinking, pack your backpack and enjoy the trip.