How did I quit my job to travel


So, still thinking?? I know, it’s a tough decision and you induce to ask yourself. You have more beneficial things to do than making others rich. Why not become your own boss and do what you desire to get along. Traveling to Europe was something I had planned with my friend cum travel buddy last year. All was fine, even working in cubicle was fine with me, until the management change came around. I told the new management about my plans to travel and they were fine with my two months leave, but suddenly they denied and then I made the decision to quit the Job and live my dream to go.

I have no hint what I am conking out to perform after coming back, but I have to answer this. This was the right time to move around and consider risks in life. Otherwise, if I have not quit the job and flew to Europe, then after 10 or 20 years of my life I will be happy, but at that time I would be asking the same question whether I am really happy or the happiness of going to Europe would have been more than now??

I don’t desire to survive the same life, what others are enduring. The choice I made to quit the job and move to Europe was a simple one and can be used up by anybody. People say its money that keep everybody, but I will say it’s not money it’s you yourself. Simply accept the decision wisely, it may be the best decision you have ever taken in.

Everybody asked me the same question again and again: Dude are you crazy? You resigned just because your leave was not granted? Why Europe is so important for you? What you gonna do after coming back? Well, I can only answer one question: Yes I am crazy…

I don’t know why going to Europe is important for me and also I don’t know what I am going to do after getting back. But even so I am now doing what I have constantly wanted to- Stop Working and start traveling.

When I tell people I’m going to Europe for more than a month they usually just shake their heads and say “I wish I could also travel with you to Europe”. About 50 to 60% of people today are not gratified with their occupation and still constantly find an excuse to make out what they detest. Well, that makes absolutely no sense.

1) What do you want from life?

Before I gave up my job, I was going with one of the largest company of the macrocosm. I was traveling along with a full time job and this spot was sort of perfect for me (everybody used to say this). But as is said: “When it is right time to do a right thing, you will know.” We should not stick to one place for a long time. There are so many things which we can use as an excuse to live the life we really want to. Below are some of the objections that people usually give:

It is too dangerous

This is the problem with people today. They haven’t seen the place but yet they know in and out of the place. Even I also do sometimes the same. We Indians are not much loved species around the globe. We are alone responsible for all this.

From where I will take the money

Money is the most important element that forces many to guess doubly. But since you were functioning for last 2 or 3 years and then you must be receiving some money. For continuous travel only money is not important. You can earn money while traveling. I am not saying it’s easy, but not that hard too. This is a reference to a famous phrase:-

“Traveling is cheaper than living at home.”

Start running out your daily expenses and you will be astonished to see that expenses related to traveling and cost of living in abroad countries are cheaper than living at home.

It’s not the right time to do this

There is never going to be a perfect time. Things will always crop up and life always gets in the way. The time may never seem quite good but you necessitate to answer it in any case, make the time, find a way around things in your life and see that most things can simply be picked back up upon your coming back. You might need to quit a serious job or leave your partner behind (if they can’t or won’t occur) or whatsoever it is. Just decide the date and go. If you are not going now then you cannot go at any time.

2) Quit your Job

The second step is - Quit your boring task. Yes, don’t think twice. But dropping out a task is also an artwork. Allow me recount how I lay off my business:

“No formal communication or any letter to quit. Just on face I asked for leaves and when I heard ‘No’, suddenly the middle finger went up and I shouted: I Quit”.

3) Plan your escape now

So, once you are free now, please plan your escape well. Take a rough idea about the place where you want to go. Just book the flight tickets and accommodation. Don’t run, stay calm. Stay for more time at one place in order to know the place better.

Thats it for now. Will continue once I will be back Photo of How did I quit my job to travel 1/1 by Gautam Modi