Wonderful Copenhagen

28th Jul 2017
Day 1

A few days ago I went on a really nice food tour in Copenhagen. I chose a small group tour from the local travel agency Nova Fairy Tales. The guide, Alexandra, was really friendly and welcoming. At first we went to a delicious organic cheese shop, were we would have tasty samples. Afterwards next stop was a traditional sandwich in what apparently was one of the oldest restaurants in Copenhagen. Hot dogs is also "a thing" in Denmark, so therefore we also tried a special organic hot dog. I have to say that Danes are really considerate, they have a lot of vegetarian choices - you could even get a veggie hot dog! For dessert they brought us some handmade organic chocolate with the Danish Fairtrade mark (makes sure the farmers have good working conditions). Lastly the group bonded over a couple of quality beers from a Danish brewery. I was really impressed with this tour, and can recommend a food tour for anyone going to Copenhagen.

Photo of Copenhagen, Denmark by Ricardo
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