Yoga Mantra for Trekkers


What’s more important for your dream trek than the perfect gear, protective clothing and your camera equipment? A sturdy pair of lungs, a fit body, a strong core and control over your mind to help you adapt to any challenge that an intense trek might bring your way. Traversing through treacherous paths and hostile environments to experience breathtaking views can be as brutal to the human body, as it is rewarding. So, as you prep  yourself for your next hike, Yoga can come to your rescue.

This ancient healing practice can help you better your physical and mental health, both extremely critical for a trek. It helps improve your muscle tone and core so that the body can last through tough climate and high altitude. Yoga Abayasa can help combat pre and post trek health issues such as headache, lightheadedness, acute mountain sickness, diarrhoea, fatigue, loss of appetite and breathlessness. The calming and soothing effects of yoga help us train our minds to best tap the unexplored potential of our body and mind.

Here are some of the yoga postures and breathing exercises that will help you open your chest and release any tightness in your hamstrings, calves, ankles, glutes and spine, making your trek more comfortable.

Prasrita Padottana Asana

Start off with this gentle forward fold to stretch your hamstrings, calves, ankles, and glutes and avoid any strain on legs or feet. Since it is also an inversion, it will nourish the nervous system with the right amount of blood supply.

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Virbhadra Asana

True to its name, this asana will give you strength like that of a warrior. As you widen your chest, it opens it up, so that you can combat high altitudes and extreme temperatures.

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Parivrtta Anjaneya Asana

This asana is an amazing hip opener that helps you jump and slide safely on your trek without any injuries.

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Hasta Uttanasana

Hasta Uttanasana helps to elongate the spine and gently stretches the feet, ensuring a rush of blood all through the body that keeps you energetic and light.

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Ardha Pincha Mayura Asana

Half pincha mayura asana is another gentle inversion that stimulates the body's glandular system of hormone delivery giving the bath of blood to the heart and brain. This asana will catalyse the metabolism and increase the mental clarity.

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The strokes of Kapalbhati will not only make your forehead shine like a pearl but also make your lungs happiest ever. It will raise the oxygen absorption manifold, reaching each and every cell in your body to increase mental clarity.

Anulom Vilom

The practice of Anulom Vilom helps improve lung capacity and cardiopulmonary functioning. The lungs inflate and deflate to the fullest possible and enhance the endurance of respiratory muscles.

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The author is a gold medallist, national Yoga player. She is also the founder of Brahmyog, which is committed to creating a disease-free world through Yoga.

Get to some stretching on this International Day of Yoga!

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