Are You Really a Nature Lover if You Haven’t Tried These Activities?

Photo of Are You Really a Nature Lover if You Haven’t Tried These Activities? by Niyati Saxena (migrantmusings)

In a world full of people talking about #wanderlust and #fernweh in their Instagram bios to their Bumble dream dates, we ask you if you really are the nature lover that you claim to be? Beyond clicking the most stunning pictures, do you enjoy surrendering your senses to your surroundings?

If hearing the sounds of a bird you've never glimpsed at before or gaining the knowledge of how to actually survive in the wild are things that excite you, then you just might be the true blue traveller that we're talking about!

So, while a circa 2010 Barney is still asking ladies, "Have you met Ted?", in the year 2022 India's leading travel community is here to ask you if you have tried birdwatching and bushcraft? Also, did you know that these activities are actually the next big thing for avid travellers?

You can experience it at the Moksham Himalayan Campsite which is located just 18kms away from Nainital in the the stunning Dabka valley. Now you may have visited the much loved hill station of Nainital over the years and it does have a certain nostalgic charm to it, doesn't it? Memories of childhood vacations, of scurrying across Mall Road to watching sunsets.

Yet even after believing that I knew everything there is about this town, I discovered something extremely unique at Moksham.

Moksham Himalayan Campsite

As the name suggests, the property has been curated to give visitors a complete feeling of liberation. With luxurious tents overlooking the mountains and draped in greenery, your window offers you the perfect peekaboo. Here you will also find handpicked and carefully made meals that treat your taste buds.

And, what you should be most excited to experience have to be these two exciting activities:


Do you ever find yourself gazing at different landscapes and imagining how Mother Nature came up with some of these vivid colours? Did she borrow a colour from a flower and paint it upon a creature or was it the other way around? Well, those are answers that we won't find but you can let your eyes be left mesmerized by the variety of Himalayan birds you'll find here.

And, no, birdwatching isn't merely about spotting pretty birds. The activity sharpens your reflexes and concentration skills in its effort. Plus it presents you with the rare chance of doing away with our otherwise very busy and hectic lives to truly slow down. No music and fast screens to distract you but simply an activity that is immersive and wholesome all at once.

Plus, if you're a trekker you'd be that cool kid who'd identify birds and share fascinating details about them with everyone else during your next adventure!


Speaking of things that are cool, have you ever tried bushcraft? It means to gain the know how and skills that are necessary to survive in wilderness. That's right. Why just watch Bear Grylls when you can kickstart your own adventurer's journey?! Learn how to build a fire from scratch, how to find clean sources of water and much more.

So, if you are a frequent traveller bushcraft is not only a new experience but also a necessary one as it prepares you for any unexpected adversities that you may face during your travels. Besides after having read novels about mighty explorers and fierce wanderers, you can now feel like one yourself!

Thus, my dear friends on the lookout for that next one of a kind experience, it's time to head for Tripoto's Mindful Retreat at Moksham Campsite.

In a generation that is obsessed with travelling, you could be the one still picking up on offbeat experiences. And, you needn't do so by heading over to some offbeat destination, you can do it by picking up skills that very few can claim to have!

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