Best Himalayan Winter Treks in India you must do


Himalaya Trekking experience is a once in a life time dream. Take a chance a trek the mountains this winter with your friends, here are the 9 best Himalayan Winter Treks in India you must do.

Har Ki Dun Trek

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Har Ki Dun Trek provides you opportunities to visit the most popular and unknown places at Gharwal Himalayas. During the trek walk through the mystical stairway to heaven across the Swargarohini snow peak. The night skies and first rays of the morning sun are hard to miss in this part of the trek. Take a trip to Osla and check out the temple of Duryodhana. Don’t miss the sun rise at Sankri and its majestic view.

Everest Base Camp Trek

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Head to Everest base camp with your friends, this would take you one step closer to reaching the adobe of Gods. The Everest climb is a goal and dream for many trekkers. The trek takes off from the Khumbu valley surrounded by the Sagarmatha National Park. You take simultaneous visits to Mt. Makalu, Lhotse and Cho Oyu all are at a height of 8000 plue meters. You will get a chance to stay in the highest villages experiencing beautiful overview of the mountains.

Brahmatal Pass

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The dropping snow and thick cover of ice makes it impossible for trekkers to complete their full journey. The Brahmatal Pass is an exception the snow and wind are at balance with each other. The waist length snow is not hard to prevent the exploration. The frozen lakes project a mirror like appearance and the snow clad mountain and pine trees provides a beautiful appearance.

Kedarkantha Trek

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Want to go on a thrilling adventure in the snow covered mountains take a trekking trip to the Kedarkantha with your squad and explore the magnificence of the white stretch forests and landscape. The trek is comparatively easy in contrast with other ranges in the Himalayas. This could be family or friends trek demanding of the flair for adventure. You will get to view the entire base from at a 360 degree view and stay awed with the bliss of nature. The beautiful pine trees and the white stretch of mountain cover leaves you mesmerised.

Kauri Pass Trek

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Explore the Kauri Pass with your friends this winter located in the Garhwal Himalayas. The Pass is covered with beautiful forests and snow covered mountains. The meadows and local habitation will draw your attention to the land. Kauri means getaway and the pass provides opportunity to explore and discover Mother Nature at her best. The pass takes you to Dronagiri, Nanda Devi and other peaks along its trail. The pass is also known as the Lord Curzon trail that was used by the former British Viceroy during the British rule in India.

Dayara Dugyal

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The trek across Dayara Dugyal is a peaceful and mind blowing one with the snow covered mountains and meadow. The endless stretch of snow covering the meadows and entire greenery of the land, the first dew drop of the day could be witnessed in the early morning with fresh chilling air. The view of Garhwal Himalayas is mesmerising and stunning. You will come across the snow laden Oak forest during the early stages of your trek.

Chadar Trek

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Check out the most challenging trekking trail in Ladakh this winter with your friends. The Chadar Trek is mesmerising and amazing in view and natural beauty. This is considered to be the toughest trek in the Himalayas. The locality will be filled with foreign tourist lined to witness the magic of frozen Zanskar rive a tributary of the Indus. Chadar is referred to as the snow blanket that covers the river and land with wide stretch of snow all through the year will be mesmerising.

Nag Tibba Trek

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The serpent’s peak in other word the Nag Tibba trek is the highest peak in the Nag Tibba range. This is one the main range in the lower stretch of the Himalayas attracting larger number of trekker within and outside the country. The trail takes you to the most picturesque and attractive views and sections that influence your trekking spirit. The view of Gangotri peaks, Chanabang snow peaks and the Kedarnath peak will leave you stunned and rooted in your tracks.

RoopKund Trek

Trek to the Rookund will be one hell of a experience with the famous glacial lake situated in the centre of the mountain peak. The trek covers 15,696 ft off the ground surrounding by mind blowing sceneries and attractions. The winter climb by the RoopKund presents a beautiful picture of Nainital and Kathgodam. The mystic skeleton lake holding the istory of 12th century is hard to miss. The snow covered mountains and lakes provide a peaceful picture in the abyss.