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Bamunpukur in NadiaBesides being famous as the birthplace of the 16th century religious reformer Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, this town in Nadia has one other attraction. In Bamunpukur, a village close to Mayapur, one can see the ruins of the citadel of the 12th century Sen dyanasty, which remained hidden from common eye till 1980s when the Archaeological Survey of India started excavating the place.The place has a huge mound covering an area of 1300 sq. ft. The mounds are called Ballal Sen-er Dhipi (the mounds of Ballal Sen). Walking through the ruin, you feel transported to medieval Bengal and start imagining how Bengalis then led their life, centuries before the Muslim Khilji Sultans came to rule this part of India. Historians claim that the ruins may belong to the lost city of Vijapur, the capital of the Sen dynasty. Vijapur, founded by Vijay Sen, father of Ballal Sen, was an prosperous commercial centre.

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