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Started at 9am From Grand Maa place (Macherla).Trip for today is Daida (Amar lingeshwara Swamy Temple) which is around 5 cavess are there if one should take the blessings of lord shiva they has too pass through 3 natural caves after darshan to go out of the temple you have to cross two caves,.In one cave Nandi is located, Once when i am out of the caves good scenic view The mighty Krishna is flowing.We can Take steps to Krishna River to sit for some time enjoy the cool breeze of air.This ride is complete off road from a place called Gurajala.Who ever enjoy the off road drive this is must visit place for motorcyclists.Day 2-Trip 2From Daida I took the karampudi route now my next place to visit is other caves which was shut down for two decades because of the high influence of Maoist .Place name is Guttikonda billam .This is the crazy darling was jumping like any thing on these stone road.In the middle of the road they poured red soil might be for road development.The place where i am going now is completely remote area , rider can witness of paddy fields full of mountains this is the nallamala forest range.I Reached to this place around 2pm, once i reached to this place i bought one coconut to offer in the temple and had 1 cigarette . merchant was insisting me to go quickly to have darshan as now there will be deeparchana to goddess.Once i done with my personal things i wento darshan and then the temple priest they offer food to devotees who ever come there in free of cost.i tried entering in to the billam (caves) , as i entered in to the cave entrance i am unable to see any thing while i am going down through stares i have seen one SANYASI doing Meditation.Once i reached to beside him he opened his eyes, i asked him can i go there to crack the coconut where i can see one candle lamp there one shiva linga is available on the 100ft flat surface in the 1st cave, In that pitch dark i am unable to see any thing even my sony cybershot flash wont work to capture the views, The place where i am standing from there i can see 100volts lamps are there to enter in to the deep of caves which are very far from me.I was all alone none was brave to enter into the caves.I was also helpless then i returned back from the cave.I felt so bad that this trip was incomplete with fear.While going back the road development team doing there work to levelup the red sand.Best time to visit these places Monsoon Like September - FebruaryI trried my best to explain in this. sorry for any unprofessional words.Thanks in advance

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