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Once we reached Raju's Cottage in Gushaini, we were in for a surprise. To get there, you have to cross the river in full local style on a ropeway! Now for the newly initiated, this can be a little daunting. Especially if you are concerned that the plywood will give way and you will end up in the river below. But, once you climb on and go zooming for about 15 seconds, the sheer thrill of dangling mid-air overpowers everything. And you work up quite a sweat hauling yourself to the otherside once gravity gives up on you. After all the hard work and screaming, we bounced up the rocky path for some trout only to be told they do not serve walk-ins. So that is a tip to remember. You could just put up there and enjoy the perks. Now famished, we drove around trying to find food. The winding roads, with the smell of oranges in the air, make the heart blissful. But not a rumbling stomach! After wandering for about an hour, we concluded that finding food anywhere in that district was going to be tough. So we headed back to Jibhi hoping to find something there. En route we saw a couple of ladies shearing a sheep. Being the useless city bums that we are, we got off the car fascinated. It was quite a humbling sight when you realise that that wool would end up around some human. Respect and thanks, dear Sheep! Finally we found a restaurant that was willing to serve us...but only tea, pakoras and Maggi. And that was perfect! The sun was setting, the jackets were on and the cold wind whistled past our ears as we tucked into our steaming cups of chai and an impromptu game of carrom! When we reached the homestay, it was already dark and the ghost-town feeling have set upon the sleepy village. We got quite an earful from Pammi Aunty who ran the homestay. Apparently she had been trying our numbers and couldn't get through and had started to worry. Such a warm feeling to find a complete stranger looking out for us. I am convinced it is the mountain air! We ended the evening with a lovely dinner of chicken roast and rice and a long walk staring at the stars. Sleep would be beautiful.

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