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Nako to Sumdo: On third day morning, we had breakfast at the bus stop and after a wait of four hours, we got into a military truck. The bus came later but overtook us at Chango and by the time, we reached Sumdo, the bus had already left for Tabo :(.Sumdo is the entry-point to Lahaul-Spiti. All the foreigners have to get the inner line permit to travel further into the Spiti valley or while exiting from the Spiti valley. A road from Sumdo goes to the border-point of Kaurik. While scoping out our options, we had delicious samosas at GERF canteen and were again lucky to get the lift from a family up to Tabo. During this whole journey, Spiti River was a constant companion. Roads are not so good but these are difficult to maintain due to the nature of the mountain here.For the third and last part of this series, Read here:Spiti valley - Part III - Tabo – Kaza – Key – Kibber – Komic – Kaza – Losar – Kunzum Pass – Rohtang Pass – Manali – Delhi

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