Private City Tour of Addis Ababa

1st Sep 2017

Overview of Merkato Market in Addis Ababa

Photo of Private City Tour of Addis Ababa by Muluken Girma
Day 1

Sightseeing Tour of Addis Ababa

This is private sightseeing city tour of Addis Ababa with professional local tour guide by drive with private Toyota Minibus. Tour of Addis Ababa includes visiting the most important sites of Addis Ababa. Experienced knowledgeable English speaking local tour guide leads the city tour in Addis Ababa. This guided tour of Addis Ababa can be booked by up to 6 visitors for the same price.

Itinerary: We start the morning with visiting the National Museum of Ethiopia to see mainly the fossil remains of Lucy or "Dinknesh" in Amharic. Lucy is the oldest hominid lived about 3.25 mil years ago. At the National Museum, visitors also see some of the oldest stone tools humankind ever made and used. Then, we drive up to Mount Entoto (3,200 Meters above sea level) to enjoy the great view of Addis Ababa and to visit the oldest church in Addis Ababa which is famous for its beautiful hand painted wall paintings which are as old as the church (140 years).

On the drive back stop at the local market called Shiro Meda which is noted for its great collection of traditional hand woven cotton clothes. Here, we also see the weavers to learn how they make it.

Next stop would be to visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral which is famous for its Window glass works and the rich museum displaying crowns, icons, manuscripts, etc It is also a site where the grave of Emperor Haile Sillassie I is found at. Learn more about the Ethiopian history and religious backgrounds of Ethiopian Orthodox Church at the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

After lunch at a traditional Ethiopian Restaurant where visitors will taste the varieties of Ethiopians delicious meals, we will head to Addis Mercato or #Merkato – the largest open air market in Africa to visit its most interesting cultural sections – the Spice Market, the hand woven baskets market, Chat (Mild Stimulant chewed by locals) Market, and the second hand items market.

Following will be attending a typical Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Enjoy one of the best cup of coffee you ever have like locals. It is a great time for the coffee as Ethiopia is the birthplace of Coffee and Ethiopians enjoy it with such a beautiful ceremony.

Merkato (Addis Mercato) Market

The Headquarters of the African Union

Photo of African Union, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by Muluken Girma

Finally drive on the main streets of Addis Ababa to visit the city’s historical monuments, and major landmarks such as the HQ of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the HQ of the African Union and Meskel Square (the main square in the city).

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Inside the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa

Photo of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by Muluken Girma