Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar

13th Apr 2018

Satnaam Waheguru!!! It only came to my mind when my management decided to conduct its annual meeting in city of Golden Temple - Amritsar.

Automatically a positive vibe made me do all the arrangements related to travel and hotel bookings. The property we booked this time was "Ramada Amritsar" which is a 4 star property.

The delhi and UP team went in Innovas whereas management traveled through flights and others came by their own. It was a journey whole night for us as we did not want to take chance to move in the morning because it was Baisakhi Festival that day. However, we did not find any rush or crowd on roads and reached early in the morning. I had to mention about the Ramada staff as from the beginning they were on their toes and did justice to their services. They did not give us opportunity to ask for anything as they kept on doing it before hand. Sales Manager - Mangeshwar, Duty Manager - Inder, Front Desk coordinator - Ankita, Banquets - Vijay and Sukhwinder, everyone was responding so very well and made our event to run flawless.

Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 1/37 by Megha
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 2/37 by Megha
Lobby Area of Ramada - gives you historic feeling
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 3/37 by Megha
Pool side of Ramada at 6th Floor where once can have Arial view of the City

We hardly slept in night since we were travelling, our meeting started at 12 noon and lasted till 8.30 in night in team wise separated slots. Me and my colleagues decided to pay visit to Golden Temple in night but unfortunately we were missed by 15 minutes or so as the main entrance got closed at 10.30. The time to reopen the same was 4.30 early in the morning and we were not in a position to wait so long or wake up early in the morning. So we went back in our hotel and had a tight sleep.

Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 4/37 by Megha
Lazer Bharat Yatra - Thodi Hawa Aane Do - An open Tempo displaying Lazer Products will be visiting next in your city.
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 5/37 by Megha
Conference started with punjab and team.
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 6/37 by Megha
Someone in the team getting a tuff words from the management
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 7/37 by Megha
Lunch Break ---yayy
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 8/37 by Megha
Myself with My Delhi & NCR Team
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 9/37 by Megha
First visit to Golden Temple on the very first day-----peaceful
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 10/37 by Megha
Awesome view of Golden Temple
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 11/37 by Megha
One More - the main entrance was closed by the time we reached...:(

Next day we again had a meeting session starting from 9 in the morning till 6.30 in the evening. Here, special thanks to our CMD Sir, who allowed us to go to the local market the same day before the cocktail was supposed to start at 8.30 in the evening. So ladies alert!!!! We went to famous wholesale market of Amritsar where you will get all varieties of suits/ phulkaaris etc at reasonable price. We bought some suits/ dupattas/ famous vadiya/ papad/ punjabi jutties. We were still sad as the time was running out of our hands to come back to our hotel. But one has to move on with heavy heart!! ;) after all it was our official cum spiritual cum adventurous cum sleepless cum hectic cum learning trip. But we were not even ready to miss our cocktail where i being the host of entire event starting from day 1 to day 3. So cocktail was fun and all went so smooth. Once again kiddos to Ramada team who made it in such a way where i did not undergo any pain at all. We again had a tight sleep coz this day was even more hectic.

Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 12/37 by Megha
The same conference set up one more time....:(
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 13/37 by Megha
More deep conversation with little fatigue in the faces
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 14/37 by Megha
Time for Group Photo session
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 15/37 by Megha
The head office team with the Management
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 16/37 by Megha
While we were shopping- the Sardar ji (shopowner)was kind enough to offer us Jalebis - Baisakhi Prasad..yummy
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 17/37 by Megha
Cheers to the Cocktail
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 18/37 by Megha
The same pool side area...looks different in night....what say?
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 19/37 by Megha
London Thumakda- Cocktail
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 20/37 by Megha
Main Nashe me Hun......
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 21/37 by Megha
Nacho Saare G Phad Ke

Saying more hectic to second day will not justify the third day as third day was the finale day. Presentations, Rewards and Recognition, Open House Discussion, Disclosing new policies/ strategies etc and ending ceremony and one had to make a check out early in the morning before breakfast. Finale went with ease and each one of us performed confidently where our teams were quite excited and open to under the new implementing system of our company.

Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 22/37 by Megha
One of our Distributor organised Hardas Ceremony for Lazer Group at finale Day.
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 23/37 by Megha
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 24/37 by Megha
Entire staff was gifted by them
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 25/37 by Megha
Presentations Started!!!!!!
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 26/37 by Megha
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 27/37 by Megha
Reward & Recognition Ceremony

Here's a surprise, we decided to see the beating retreat ceremony at Wagah Border on the same day. So we hired local bus and left for Wagah Border at 3.30 pm from Ramada Hotel. It was 36 kms away and took 1 hour to reach there as our bus driver was driving at the nominal speed which i am sure he could have increased.

The beating retreat ceremony starts at 5.15 pm in summer and lasts for 45 minutes but the attraction of the ceremony starts even before half an hour where the visitors (only ladies and girls) are invited and asked to dance on patriotism songs. We thought we would take a group pic there but due to massive crowd being at Baisakhi weekend we were all shattered even before we reached to our seats. It was a 2 kms track which one has to cover by walk to reach to main point. Once we reached, it was already so late that we could only enjoy the ceremony and i think that was more than enough for us to experience in our life time. The passion, enthusiasm among our soldiers and everyone present there gives you ghoose bumps and left you to think about the persons sitting on the other side of the border. They are all same, infact the road is same which is going towards their country. Its only the color of flag and the color of uniform which was differentiating us. The entire parade while showing each other the power of one country was simply electrifying. It was magnificent to view such a dramatic, emotional and aggressive event which left you wishing this gate to remain open forever and never gets closed.

Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 28/37 by Megha
Close up - Pakistan Area at Wagah
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 29/37 by Megha
Dance like no one is watching
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 30/37 by Megha
The gates representing borders
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 31/37 by Megha
Arial view from the top
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 32/37 by Megha
Show us the power man.........
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 33/37 by Megha
Flag off - back to our places
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 34/37 by Megha
Hooding during ceremony
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 35/37 by Megha
A BSF Officer
Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 36/37 by Megha
Seems like a picnic bus......

Well there was one last thing left to do as i told you we had hired innova, and impact of the ceremony left us energetic and active. So, we decided to pay visit to Golden Temple once again as Baisakhi day was over a day prior and we were almost over with our shopping as well, the only thing which we digested so far was leaving Amritsar without seeking blessings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. So, we asked our drivers to take us back to Golden Temple whereas rest of our staff was departed to Railways Stations/ Airport directly from Wagah Border. So, we went to Gurudwara, we stood in the que for about 2 hours, we paid respect to Guru Granth Sahib Ji and it was all mesmerizing to see how other payees were standing in the que and humming satnam waheguru ji left you with so positive energy and the chilled vibes of Holy Sarovar makes you feel rejuvenated. On that particular moment nothing came in my mind except to feel the presence of each and every single air content filling your body with miraculous power. We could not have a Langar Prasad due to shortage of time and quickly had our dinner outside after darshan and moved in our innova towards our sweet home.

Photo of Guru Ki Nagri - Amritsar 37/37 by Megha
with our so called low faces, we finally made our darshan to Golden Temple and that's where i called my end of the trip - Satnaam Waheguru Ji.

Conclude: Apart from our busy and hectic meeting sessions, fun filled cocktail dinner, finale episode, a paid respect to Harminder Sahib, colorful and lively phulkaari dupattas, unique patterned Punjabi Jutties, Home made papad and vadiya, Kesar & do bhravas ka dhaabha and non veg for food lovers, Sense of belonging in people, Amritsar has lot more other things to explore which i am sure will be done by me on my personal trip which Babaji will decide for me.