Bugga waterfalls

14th Apr 2022
Photo of Bugga waterfalls 1/10 by Dhruv Dutta
Photo of Bugga waterfalls 2/10 by Dhruv Dutta

A perfect day ride to have some fun riding on the highway, village roads, rocks and hell yeah take a dip in a waterfall. All this which is just couple of hours away from Hyderabad.

Bugga waterfalls!! Am sure not many have even heard of the name of the place .

Photo of Bugga waterfalls 3/10 by Dhruv Dutta

And it turned out to be a place with no sign boards 😊

Photo of Bugga waterfalls 4/10 by Dhruv Dutta

The picture shows you how to get there?

This is where you get your free parking

Photo of Bugga waterfalls 5/10 by Dhruv Dutta
Photo of Bugga waterfalls 6/10 by Dhruv Dutta

Just a couple of hours ride towards Nalgonda from Hyderabad. You will find your self- among the best the nature can offer. A little off the highway and then a slight off road trail with some rough patches of road lands you a perfect trail to ride on some rock formations that lead all the way to the flowing stream.

Photo of Bugga waterfalls 7/10 by Dhruv Dutta

My advise park, freshen up and gear up to trek. The water is clean and refreshing that will get you ready for a quick trek down the walking path and rocks to reach the actual waterfalls.

Some trail pictures to reach the final destination

YES!! Then you reach the amazing Bugga waterfalls, (again statutory warning this is Nalgonda not Niagara). Am amazing spot to spend sometime with nature, I suggest don't be too adventurous as there is little or no help available immediately around and end of the day you want to have some fun!

Photo of Bugga waterfalls 8/10 by Dhruv Dutta

We were unprepared for this trip- but the first thing that comes to one's mind is perfect destination that offers enough adventure ideas like to pitch a camp and light a bonfire, some lip-smacking BBQ early morning sunrise, a quick dip in the water...................4

Let's keep that for another day!

Photo of Bugga waterfalls 9/10 by Dhruv Dutta

A must visit place for all the adventure seeking folks who are looking to explore places around Hyderabad.

Photo of Bugga waterfalls 10/10 by Dhruv Dutta

Ride partners for the amazing ride!

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