Photo of TRIP TO ARAKU... by Ankur Mandal

DAY -1:

Start early from Vizag , book a cab or a bus or a train from Vizag to Araku valley. The name of the train which goes from Vizag to Araku are 

1. Visakhapatnam Kirandul Passenger train -4 hrs.

2. Visakhapatnam Kirandul Expess tarin - 3 hrs.

The car takes almost the same 3-4 hrs. of drive from Vizag. The road to araku is a scenic road trip through the hill and cliffs. Surrounded by trees all around and increasing temp with altitude. 

After reaching araku there are a bunch of hotels and restaurants. I would suggest you to go to the Haritha hill Resort  by AP Tourism ,and other hotels by AP tourism .It provides a clean and hygienic stay among the hills. Rest till the afternoon and in the evening  head towards the Tribal Museum, it will take around 2 hrs.  come out of the Museum and walk towards the Coffee shop  at the entrance of the hotel which provides on of the best coffee of Araku. Have dinner and rest.

DAY-2 :

Wake up early to enjoy the sunrise and have breakfast and head towards the Burra Caves and Waterfalls ,come back to hotel have Lunch and in the evening take a stroll in the roads of the hills. and have the very famous Bamboo Chicken (one of the most famous dish of Araku.  Have dinner and sleep. Next day leave for vizag.

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