"The great venetian market is the very talked about experience in Macau. The fun shows along with singing and dancing performances is a scene to witness there. The senedo square is a beautiful heritage site to be in. The ruins of St. Paul gives a scenic aerial view of the senedo square. We can also hike up Guia hill to witness Guia and Mount Fortress, guia chapel and guia lighthouse which is a part of World Heritage site as well. They also have the world’s largest water show.

The oldest Taoist temple in Macau is a very important place to visit which was built in the late 1400. The mandarin house connects the modern and historical macau. It showcases the history of Macau also known as Casa Do Mandarin. The seac pai van part is also a place to visit to se the giant endangered pandas. Macau also has adventurous activities to get our adrenaline pumping with jump from world tallest bungee jump from a building. There are also a lot of museums to visit to witness the history and civilizations. Besides this Hac Sa island serves the perfect end to a day with a beautiful sunset.

Macanese street food is also one of the adventures in Macau. They serve the most delicious and authentic street foods. The chinese traditional temples are also a must visit. The historic taipa village, also has museums and colonial churches to witness. The Street of Happiness with shuttered terraces are also regarded as one of the places to visit when in Macau. Macau also holds a special place for stunning luxurious buildings so exploring these hidden treasures is also an activity to do in Macau. The Hotel Lisboa is the most flashiest hotel carrying the largest cushion cut diamond in the hotel lobby.

To conclude, Macau holds a very touristic potential in itself carrying historical and scenic importance in all the places to be visited there.