Macau is truly a casino city and is often dubbed “the Las Vegas of the East”. The most popular game of choice here is Baccarat and it dominates every single casino, taking up half or more of all the tables.

There’s one BIG reason why adrenaline junkies often flock to Macau and that’s because it’s home to the Guinness World Record holder for the Highest Commercial Bungy Jump in the world.

Macanese cuisine has a history of over 400 years and dates back to when Macau was first colonised by Portuguese invaders. Blending southern Chinese cuisine and Portuguese ingredients, spices and cooking techniques from Macau’s colonial days,

Kun Iam Temple

Pawn Shop Museum

Macau Tower Skywalk

Lord Stow’s Café

Hac Sa Beach

Barra Square

International Fireworks Display Contest

Guia Fortress

The Mandarin’s House