31st Oct 2019
Day 1

1. Being a gaming and gambling fan the fancy casinos makes it the perfect gaming destination
2. Historical significance of monuments in Macao can help me satisfy my wanderlust.
3. Delicious new cuisines and traditional dishes in Taipa village
4. Macau's infamous observational tower and the sky walk has been on my itinerary for a long time now.
5. My insatiable appetite for adventure sports like bungee jumping etc.
6. A visiti to Xin xin's twins at the Macau Giant panda pavillion
7. Collecting souvenirs from the old handicrafts shops in Taipa's local flea market.
8. The mutli-country fusion food bringing the flavours of portugese, chinese and local macanese Cuisine together.
9. Catching the glance of the famous Cotai's theatrical and musical productions Especially the house of dancing water
10. Being a hardcore DC fan in want to visiti the Studio and experience the City’s Batman Dark Flight in 4D
11. Engage in Macau's late night parties that last till the dawn.
12. Attend the yearly mesmerizing Macau's international fireworks display contest.
13. Being a car racing fan i would not wanna miss upon the opportunity of glancing the Macau grand prix.
14. Experience the fabulous Macau culture. The historical placed and architecture depicts that beautifully.
15. Spa treatment from massages to sound therapy- when I just want to relax.
16. Unwind at the beautiful beach of coloane.
17. Cover up major part of the town with the help of travel groups.
18. The beautiful and much talked sunrise at the dragon claw point at the black sand beach.
19. Visit the Bishop's residence of former catholic Macao at the Xiwangyang Mountain, commonly known as the "Bishop's Mountain".
20. Release my inner child at the Warner Bros. Fun zone arena.