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Today we have arrived in a city of Amritsar which is located 230 km from the Capital city Chandigarh in Punjab.

Amritsar word translates to a pool of nectar.

Photo of Golden Temple- A Temple, with equality above all | SmileyTraveller 1/3 by Sachin Mishra

Golden Temple with Sarovar

Valour, pride and humanitarianism gets associate with a community that never fails to amuse us, yes its Sikhism.

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Story of Golden Temple

The Great Golden temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib is a Gurudwara. It surrounds by a water-body from all sides with the access of sanctum sanctorum by a single pathway.This is the most significant shrine for Sikhism. It was started by Guru Ramdas, 4th Sikh guru. Later Guru Arjan Das placed a copy of the holy Guru Granth Sahib along with the completion of the temple.

The Temple has been a hotspot for target and destruction by Mughal, Afghan rulers and Britishers, which only strengthen the bravery of Sikhs and they stood firm against such attacks.

When Maharaja Ranjith Singh took over the reign of Punjab, he assured the redevelopment of the temple with marble, copper, and overlaid the holy sanctum with gold foil.

The Temple covers with 160 KG of Gold Foil by Maharajah Ranjith Singh in 1830. Along with the Gold plating, marble and copper work was also done on temple. And the total costing of gold-plating was worth approx 65 lakh.

Photo of Golden Temple- A Temple, with equality above all | SmileyTraveller 2/3 by Sachin Mishra

Image Credits - Sikh museum

Above Is the Map of Harmandir Sahib. It has four entrances which have a circumambulate path along with the holy pool and access by a single pathway. This design derives a meaning that people from different religions are welcome from all 4 gates and the end goal is one so there is a single way to reach the Guru Granth Sahib.

The temple hosts various important Sikh gatherings on religious and political fronts since its inception till today.

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Community kitchen

It is the World largest Community kitchen.This kitchen is popular by the name Guru ka Langar, a place where everyone is welcome to have food free of cost. This kitchen is open 24hrs a day and run by hundreds of volunteers, preparing and serve the food. This is a must-visit place when you are in this amazing Temple.

Entire food preparation, dishwashing and cleaning are carried out by voluntary helpers at the Langar hall at Golden temple, and an average 1Lakh devotees and tourists visit daily to savour this simple vegetarian food which is loved by all.

When you are in Golden Temple do enrol for Seva and see the inner peace and happiness you will feel.

Despite been attacked by various religions and communities in India itself this beautiful community still is always ready to serve the needy and is always a step ahead be it the Battle of Saragarhi, or the current Brave heroes in Indian Army, Sikhs have always shown they are ready to give back to the world more they take it.

Places to visit Nearby

Jallianwala Bagh - Pay homage to the innocent souls holocaust by Tyrant British soldiers (Bullet holes are visible till date), this place is very near to Golden Temple. Partition Museum - A black spot in the history of Unified India was the partition of 1947. This is the only Museum entirely about Partition. Mata Lal Devi Temple - A unique architectural marvel combined with pure respect to Hindu deity. Gobindgarh Fort - visit to check amazing Warfare, Turban and Sikh Art Museum. Wagah Border Ceremony - Get Goosebumps in this 45 minutes ceremony. The rivalry between India and Pakistan is clearly visible here.

Photo of Golden Temple- A Temple, with equality above all | SmileyTraveller 3/3 by Sachin Mishra

Location - Wagah Border, Credits- Economic Times

Food to Try

If you are in Punjab 1 stomach is not enough :P. Every food at each corner is delicious and the best place to try is mentioned above - the Guru Ka Langar and the Ghee laden Kadha-prasad at Golden Temple.

Butter Kulchas and veg and non-veg tikkas are the life of the city which often compliments with a frothy Lassi.

So skip all your health woes and eat like a king in this land of heaven.

How to reach

Road - Amritsar is located on National Highway 1 and is well connected to major cities of Northern India.

Rail - The City of Nectar is well connected by Railways with most parts of India. Major railway station is Amritsar Junction

Airport - with close to 160 flights (Domestic + International) operational daily to major cities of India, its east to reach Amritsar in no time.

Tips to Follow when in Amritsar

Always cover your head with a scarf when in Gurudwara, if you haven't brought with you, they are readily available free outside the Holy place. Short, revealing and non-conservative dress are not allowed inside the Gurudwara. Do not visit any religious place after consuming Alcohol. Be aware of pickpockets in the city. Do cross-check the Taxi charges as some of them overcharge the Tourists and Devotees. Do not create any Nuisance on the International Border of India and Pakistan it's an extremely sensitive area. Always take some digestives with you when in Punjab because the delicious food will not make you resist. "It is a saying that if you need help in India always look for Men in a turban" .Satnam Shri Waheguru !!!

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