Is This The Most Amazing Time Lapse Video Of Spiti Valley Yet? (Spoiler: It Is)


Rudyard Kipling couldn’t have been more accurate when he called Spiti as “a world within a world. ”

The valley has the most incredible landscape that’s green and blue and brown all at the same time! You encounter a new sight at every turn, and every sight makes you wanna turn back and absorb the beauty, until the end of eternity!

The Himalayas as far as the eyes can see make you feel small and yet strangely significant at the same time. Thanks to this new timelapse video by Shashanka Nanda, the heavenly sights of the “middle land” – the name "Spiti" means “middle land,” i.e. the land between Tibet and India – can be enjoyed from anywhere.

If you haven't been to spiti, this video is the closest you can get to this beautiful desert mountain valley.