When she took "Travel to be lost" too seriously!

24th Nov 2016

Never did she ever think that she could be a traveler, until Europe happened! I know it takes 9 months, but a traveler in her was born after 7 months of living out of the comfort zone, away from family and friends, away from her land of origin.

You don't need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination and a map. The travel story that follows is her life changing, most adventurous, happiest, craziest, and the last solo travel story of all her solo travels in Europe in the year 2016.

Day 1

It was a trip to Austria in November 2016 for four days. She took a train from Frankfurt on November 24, 2016 at 4.40 a.m., changed at Salzburg towards Vienna. As she was riding on the train from Salzburg to Vienna, she was loving the rhythm. She was loving the freedom of being between two different places. She could see the wide and open plains from the window and for that moment, she knew where she was going only to be lost in a different land. She then understood why it feels good to be lost in the right direction.

Day 1 was spent exploring the streets of Vienna, different world heritage sites like the Historic Centre of Vienna and Palace & Gardens of Schonbrunn and beautifully decorated Christmas Markets. Vienna is a beautiful city but what really made her happy was watching the Penguins in the World's first zoo at the Palace and Gardens of Schonbrunn. As they took baby steps and dived into the water, she smiled bright with her twinkling eyes just like the kid who loved watching Pingu on POGO channel. That moment she realized that it is the little things in life that makes one actually happy.

After a day well spent collecting beautiful memories, she went back to her hostel Ruthensteiner. Now none of her previous trips excluded crazy pub crawls or wild drunken parties but this time, to her surprise, staying at the hostel and playing some Korean drinking games was so much fun. No matter how hard she tried to understand Tap Clap Talgi Talgi, she was terrible. And as per the tradition, she had to beg for the shot with both hands!

Every child's favorite bird

Photo of Vienna, Austria by Deepika Jamar

Spirit of Christmas

Photo of Vienna, Austria by Deepika Jamar

Dream without fear, love without limits!

Photo of Vienna, Austria by Deepika Jamar

Life fails to be perfect, but never fails to be beautiful!

Photo of Vienna, Austria by Deepika Jamar

Tap Clap Talgi Talgi! Korean Drinking Game

Photo of Vienna, Austria by Deepika Jamar
Day 2

Day 2 started with yet another train ride to her next destination, Graz. Traveling through Austria via train is overwhelming as it allows you to experience the sublime beauty and elegance of its mountainous landscapes. The landscapes that she saw outside the train window made her love the train rides even more. She started hating the fact that she would soon arrive at her next destination and her beautiful train journey will come to an end. After a while she reached Graz but took another train as she was deeply in love with the train journey. She continued riding on the train until she arrived at Klagenfurt Central Station, which was on the southern shores of Lake Worthersee. After walking for 10 minutes, she finally reached the shoreline. It was a quiet Friday, and she could see only few people around with their dogs. After four hours of train ride with only a map in her hand and access to internet she decided to walk along the shoreline. After one and a half hour of hiking trail around the lake, she was lost in an unknown land where there was only silence and a breathtaking view.

The sun was about to set as it started getting darker and as per the maps walking all the way back to the train station was the only way to reach Salzburg, her next destination. She didn't have food, she was running out of cash, there was no ATM or restaurant around. It seemed to her that she took "Travel to be lost" too seriously. Despite knowing all of this, she should have freaked out. Instead, she was calm and sat down along the shoreline to capture the view in her heart. Those 20 minutes in which she did nothing but kept looking at the water and the mountains, changed her altogether.

After walking back to Klagenfurt Central Station, she took a train towards Salzburg. While on her way, as she looked outside the window, she clicked pictures in her mind. As she moved on, they turned into memories. Sometimes we hold on to something so tight because we fear that something so great won't happen twice. Every picture that she captured through her eyes was better than the previous one and that's when she realized that good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.

You're like a beautiful, deep, still lake in the middle of a concrete world!

Photo of Wörthersee, Austria by Deepika Jamar

Sit back and relax. You're at the lake!

Photo of Wörthersee, Austria by Deepika Jamar
Day 3

Day 3 started with the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg. As she had barely any money left and her cash withdrawal limit exhausted, she had to judiciously spend whatever money she was left with so she marked all sites of the 1965 American musical drama film on the city map and walked down from one site to another instead of taking a bus or a tram. After taking this self-guided tour, she went to few of the famous Christmas Market places where she enjoyed eating Langos (a deep-fried flat bread smeared in Garlic butter), Maroni (roasted chestnuts), Mozartkugel (a sugar confection), and Apfelpunsch (a traditional hot liquor) which did not cost much. That day she learnt how to live out of her comfort zone and be her own hero.

Another beautiful love story!

Photo of Salzburg, Austria by Deepika Jamar

All you need is a little splash of colors!

Photo of Salzburg, Austria by Deepika Jamar

In love with Fall!

Photo of Salzburg, Austria by Deepika Jamar

Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.

Photo of Salzburg, Austria by Deepika Jamar
Day 4

Day 4 started with a train ride from Salzburg to Hallstatt Railway Station. Now the day trip to Hallstatt was not planned and so she had no clue that a ferry ride from the railway station which costs 5 euros return (paid only in cash) had to be taken. Luckily, she had exactly 7 euros and 12 cents and a visa card which was enough to buy the ferry return ticket and grab some food at any cafe. As she reached across the Hallstatt Lake, she was awestruck. She wished that life had a remote with a pause button so that she could stay there forever. It was the most beautiful lake town she had ever seen. After taking a walk around the village, she took a tour of Salzwelten (a salt mine in Hallstatt) and tasted the salt from the salt deposits of Austrian Alps. Nothing could be more overwhelming than this for a salt lover like her. The day ended with some delicious Vegetable Strudel, Apple Strudel, and two mugs of Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream.

Finally, it was the time for her to say goodbye to Austria. She learnt how "travel is all about becoming everything that is really you" and she became someone she was meant to be in the first place. Travel made her modest and gave her everything she needed to become stronger, happier, and more confident. It made her realise that "you need to love yourself a little more than others love you".

"Travelling, it leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller."- Ibn Battuta

Think less, travel more!


Let your dreams set sail!

Photo of Hallstatt, Austria by Deepika Jamar

In a dream!

Photo of Hallstatt, Austria by Deepika Jamar

Hallstatt, you slay!

Photo of Hallstatt, Austria by Deepika Jamar

Love yourself a little more than others love you!

Photo of Hallstatt, Austria by Deepika Jamar