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Credit: Tourismus Salzburg... Salzburg in Austria, the valleys..., makes Salzburg a crowd puller..., Salzburg hides...

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Salzburg Fortress (Festung Hohensalzburg)

Once we managed to catch our breath, we headed up to the castle that overlooks the city of Salzburg. Here I go with the hills again, (Since my car accident back in 2008, my knee and hills do not get along. I have discovered this since living near the mountains. Fab.) Anways, I climbed a super steep hill to get up to Neuschweinstein Castle a few weeks back and apparently still haven’t learned my lesson. But, as usual.. the climb is worth the fight and the views were incredible. (Although, I am sure its MUCH more magnificent when its spring and it’s clear. Salzburg is nestled in the Alps.. unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of them on this trip.)
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Getreidegasse is also beautiful by night. Salzburg has the ability to be very romantic and now I see why it is a top Honeymoon destination. It’s just.. charming. Stuffed and exhausted, my friend really wanted to check out the spa’s and sauna’s. For those living in Europe, you know where this is going. For everyone back home, I won’t even go into it because I can sum it up in one quick sentence. It’s a building with pools, saunas and showers… and everyone is naked. Welcome to Europe. Mortified and moving on, we headed to the train station for a late train home and back to the work week ahead. Salzburg was beautiful and charming… and it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s birthplace.
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Best time to visit Salzburg is from February to May


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