Christmas markets in Belgium


As the holiday season draws near, I can't help but feel a growing excitement in the air. It's that time of year when Belgium transforms into a whimsical wonderland, with towns and cities illuminated by a thousand twinkling lights, the scent of evergreen filling the air, and the harmonious melodies of carolers echoing through the streets. But what truly encapsulates the spirit of this season for me are the charming Christmas markets that spring up across Belgium. In this blog post, I invite you to join me on a magical journey through some of the most enchanting Christmas markets in Belgium, where I had the privilege of immersing myself in the festive ambiance.

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Photo of Christmas markets in Belgium by Enotus

1. Brussels - The Grand Place Extravaganza

My adventure began in the heart of Belgium, Brussels, where I was greeted by one of the most spectacular Christmas markets in all of Europe. The Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage site, served as the stunning backdrop for this festive extravaganza. Picture this: the entire square transformed into a fairytale setting, with a towering Christmas tree taking center stage, surrounded by charming chalet-style stalls. Here, I discovered an array of unique handicrafts, exquisite ornaments, and indulgent treats like Belgian waffles and mulled wine. And how could I resist gliding across the ice skating rink, adding an extra layer of holiday merriment to my experience?

2. Bruges - A Fairytale Christmas

Photo of Christmas markets in Belgium by Enotus

My next destination led me to Bruges, often referred to as the "Venice of the North." This city seemed tailor-made for Christmas, with its cobbled streets and historic architecture creating a magical ambiance that's elevated during the holiday season. The Bruges Christmas market, nestled in the Grote Markt, featured an ice skating rink, an enchanting Christmas village, and an overall festive atmosphere that was simply irresistible. I couldn't resist indulging in local delights, including the famous Belgian chocolates and steaming cups of hot cocoa that warmed my soul.

3. Ghent - A Winter Festival

Photo of Christmas markets in Belgium by Enotus

Ghent, another enchanting Belgian city, was the next stop on my Christmas market adventure. The St. Veerleplein square was transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with an ice rink, fairground attractions, and a Christmas tree that came alive with mesmerizing lights after dark. The market itself offered an array of handcrafted gifts, seasonal foods, and local delicacies. It was a perfect place to soak in the warm and welcoming spirit of the city during the holidays.

4. Antwerp - Christmas by the River

Photo of Christmas markets in Belgium by Enotus

Antwerp, renowned for its fashion and diamonds, also knows how to celebrate Christmas in style. The Christmas market here was situated along the picturesque Scheldt River, creating a unique and enchanting setting. I meandered through the stalls, soaking in the charm of the twinkling lights reflecting on the water, and savoring Belgian treats like speculaas (spiced cookies) and jenever (Belgian gin). To top it off, the festive Ferris wheel offered breathtaking panoramic views of both the city and the market, making it an experience I'll never forget.

5. Liège - A Christmas Village

Photo of Christmas markets in Belgium by Enotus

My journey led me to Liège, located in the French-speaking region of Wallonia, which hosted one of the most enchanting Christmas markets in the country. The Place Saint-Lambert was transformed into a bustling Christmas village, with over 200 chalets offering a wide range of products, from handcrafted gifts to regional specialties. What truly set this market apart were the magical light shows, the inviting ice skating rink, and the irresistible aroma of waffles wafting through the air. Liège's Christmas market embodied the very essence of the holiday season.

6. Leuven - A Cozy Celebration

Leuven, a charming university town, was next on my list. It hosted a cozy and intimate Christmas market on the Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein square. This market was known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, where locals and visitors alike gathered to celebrate the holidays. The stalls offered a variety of artisanal products, and the gentle glow of the Christmas lights created a cozy ambiance that was perfect for a leisurely evening stroll. Leuven's market felt like a hidden gem that I was delighted to discover.

Photo of Christmas markets in Belgium by Enotus

7. Ostend - Christmas by the Sea

For a unique twist on the traditional Christmas market, I ventured to Ostend on the Belgian coast. The Ostend Christmas market combined the festive spirit with the refreshing sea breeze. Located on the Wapenplein square, it featured a charming ice rink, a towering Christmas tree, and a delightful array of seafood specialties that the coastal town is famous for. It was a wonderful place to soak in the holiday season with a touch of coastal charm.

In Conclusion

My journey through Belgium's Christmas markets was a truly magical experience that left me with cherished memories of the holiday season. Whether I was strolling through the historic squares of Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent, or savoring the coastal charm of Ostend, I was captivated by the enchantment of the season. So, bundled up against the winter chill, I sipped on glühwein, and allowed the captivating Christmas markets of Belgium to create lasting holiday memories that I will treasure for years to come.