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Buda Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Budapest, Hungary. This impressive castle was the former royal palace and Castle of the Archbishop of Hungary. It was completed in 12 65, but the large, imposing palace today dominating most of thesite was built over half a century later during the Baroque era. Today, the entire site is visited by a number of tourists who like to observe the fine architectural details and interior ornamentation. Several fascinating sights can be witnessed within the palace walls, including the Medieval Castle, St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Hungarian Choristerie Museum, the Hungarian National Museum, the Prosecutor's Office, the Royal Castle and the Hungarian State Gallery.

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The museum comprising the main part of the palace was built in Szentparni Gera, on the territory of Buda, on the west bank of the Danube River. The National Gallery, which was founded in Szentparni Gera in 15 96 is one of the best preserved sections of the museum. Apart from the main gallery, there are other smaller exhibits inside the museum, which cover the evolution of art in Hungary. In addition to that, the museum has a number of other attractions, which include the Hungarian State Gallery, the Old Town Square, the Courtyard by the Castle, the Szabo Square, the Szabo Gallery, the National Gallery, the Old Court of Justice, the National Historical Museum, the National Theater, the House of Parliament, the National Gallery, the Szabo Museum, the National Gallery of Art, the Central Cemetery, the Szabo Gallery, the National Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, the National Museum of Arts, the National Gallery of Modern Art, the National Historical Museum, and the National Museum of History. Private guided tours of Budapest can be arranged by contacting different tour operators, who often arrange these sightseeing tours within the Buda district. There are various hotels in Budapest offering comfortable stays during these trips, and travellers are free to choose rooms of their choice along with the time of sightseeing.

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Buda Castle is also a popular destination among historians and thrill-seekers. It is believed that this castle was used by the marauding Turkish army as a military stronghold during the last centuries. The fort has been turned into several museums, including the Medieval Guard, the Castle Bridge, the Hungarian Guard, the Castle Courtyard, the Hungarian Barracks, and the Szabo Gallery. Tourists can visit several museums at Buda, which comprise the National Museum, the Science Museum, the Historical Museum, the Architecture Museum, and the National Library. The National Library provides an online database, in which one can find information about the books and periodicals published by the country's publishing houses.

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Another popular sightseeing attraction within the Old Town is the National Gallery, which features works by artists from all over the world. The International Folk Festival takes place at the end of May every year, and allows visitors from all around the world to come and take in the colourful celebrations. The festival brings thousands of visitors to the castle, as well as to the numerous attractions located within the Old Town Square, including the Market Square, the Museum, the Castle, and the Buda Castle, which is open to visitors from the 6 pm to the 24 pm every day. This festival also features a wide range of workshops for children, in order to encourage them to learn more about the culture of Hungary.

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One of the most interesting sights to see while on a guided tour starting at the Buda Castle District's tourist center is the Majestic Castle, which serves as one of two remaining examples of its type in the entire Budapest region. Built entirely out of stone, the Majestic Castle has been displayed in several films, including the Lord of the Rings, and has become an iconic landmark for the people of Budapest. While on this tour starting at the Buda Castle, visitors will be able to see the fortress and all of its rooms, as well as, the underground tunnels, which were built during the Second World War. The majority of the Castle's interior is made completely out of stone, with other sections having brick or stone veneers.

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When you are planning a stay in buda castle district, it is important to make sure that you plan ahead. There are many exciting and wonderful attractions within the area, which makes the choice of where to stay very important. There are several museums to choose from, as well as, the Castle Museum, which is one of several museums in the area that features artworks created by Barbizon artists throughout the history of Hungary. The Buda Castle royal palace, which was constructed in the late 1800s, is one of the most popular attractions in town, and features numerous shops and restaurants.