Budapest, love at first sight


Budapest, the capital of Hungary is a great tourist spot, which has numerous attractions for visitors from across the globe. In fact Budapest is the most popular tourist destination among travelers. One of the best ways to enjoy all that Budapest has to offer, is to rent a car and visit all the major attractions in the city as a part of your vacation. The following are some of the top attractions that you can visit while enjoying a Budapest vacation:

Budapest National Museum: This museum is considered to be one of the finest museums of the world. It houses more than two thousand ancient paintings depicting Budapest in its early days. Other than paintings, it is a must to visit the Medieval Castle perched on the Danube River. You can also enjoy a boat ride over the Danube River that will give you a magnificent view of the country. This attraction offers a great experience which is perfect for art lovers.

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Charles Bridge: It is a must to cross the Bridge of Charles. Once there, you can do some sightseeing around the area. If you have a long travel ahead of you, crossing the Bridge of Charles is also one way of arriving at your destination. Apart from sightseeing, it is also a good option for a romantic dinner.

Keletza Bay Park: The Keletza Bay Park is a beautiful park that has various attractions for sightseeing. Some of the attractions include the Wedding Lake, Children's Pond and Botanical Gardens. A stay at the Water Cafe Bar will be memorable as you enjoy the beautiful views from your balcony. This is one of the best attractions in Budapest that also has a lovely shoreline.

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National Gallery: The National Gallery is a great place to enjoy sightseeing in Budapest. Besides art, this gallery has a vast collection of relics and other fascinating objects. Most of the objects in this museum date back to the 17th century. You can also enjoy the shopping here. The National Gallery has a fascinating collection of art works that are ideal for any art lover.

M1 House: One of the most famous attractions in Budapest, the M1 House has some of the finest examples of Gothic architecture. The house has been designed by architect Jona Skogkary. This stunning house has four floors, each of them offering a different view of the city. This building has been a part of history ever since it was constructed. There are several attractions to see inside this building including the Museum, the Baroque Theatine and the Russian Termite Conservatory.

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Beaches and Gardens: Just walking along the streets of Budapest will give you an idea of how beautiful the city and the surrounding countryside are. If you have a passion for nature and you love watching the beauty of flowers and plants, then visiting these gardens and beaches is an ideal vacation idea. These gardens are filled with various kinds of flowers and plants that are very soothing to your senses. Some of the most popular and beautiful attractions of Budapest include Petula Resorts, Hancice, Sandro Square Park, Bazar district, Danube River, Old Town, Kappell streets, City Hall, parliament building, National Museum, Castle Hill, National Gallery, Modern Art Gallery, etc.

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Nightlife: Budapest is known for its nightlife. This is one of the main attractions of Budapest. You can enjoy the charm of great food, drinks and dancing all night long. Apart from this, several other tourists attractions such as St. Nicholas Church, National Museum, Royal Castle, Danube River, Kielai Garden, Velika-Hanka, M1 House, etc are also worth seeing. All these sightseeing and attraction places are great attraction for Budapest tourist.

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