Indo-Japanese Couple Travel Turkey to Iran with $0


The Indo-Japanese couple, popularly known as the Sushi and Samabar have been on the road for over 250 days now and travelling on a budget of less than $5 a day which includes the visa fee. It has been 170 days since they stayed in a paid accommodation and still counting.

They recently travelled from Turkey to Iran, covering more than 4000 km with $0.. yes you read it right. They have been cycling and hitchhiking with their folding bicycle and living on the kindness of people. They recorded many live moments that they encountered with the hospitable people which will make you rethink about the world. You can follow their trip on Facebook

"We have been hosted by many wonderful people, they ask if we need a free ride, food or something to drink. Iran is the most hospitable country so far and we are here for the second time in the last 4 months." says Sushi

"We just took $5 as an emergency money and we still have it with us, but we travelled like a millioner. We ate like a king, made friends, visted wonderful places and sometimes slept at the mosque, sometimes few people offered us a luxury bedroom with bathtub and few times we slept in a park." says Sambar

They came from Turkey to Mashhad near Turkmenistan to give a TED talk, but unfortunately it got pushed. Now they are doing a $0 travel from Iran to Armenia to give their TED talk in Yeravan.