Top 10 Things To Do In Colombia, South America In 2020.


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We as a team explore best places around the world and share the reviews out of it almost every week. To know more about us keep following our blogs. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the best things you can do while traveling to Colombia. It is a country in South America and you can travel with Southwest Reservations that offer the cheapest flights to South America.

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The top ten things to do in Colombia start here:

1. Cartagena, where romance and history make this one picture-perfect destination.

2. Day outing to Rosario Islands: In the Rosario islands, life is acceptable. Only a 45 min pontoon ride from Cartagena, yet you sense that your universes away.

3. Bogota's most seasoned neighborhood, La Candelaria was founded in 1580. It's an ideal spot to absorb vivid Colombian road life.

4. Volunteers from all over the world can give back at Angeles de Medellin is a community center that provides a safe environment for the children of Regalo de Dios...a chance to learn and play.

5. You can't come to Colombia without hitting a salsa club. But best to take a lesson or two first. Everyone here has rhythm!

6. Colombia Hacienda is one of the many coffee plantations in Colombia's coffee cultural landscape, where you can harvest your very own cup of Colombia coffee!

7. Salento — Colonial Architecture, charming town squares, and delicious local grub make this a must-see.

8. Santa Elena is a Colombian flower country where flower farmers or Silleteros prepare every year for the Medellin Flower Fair.

9. Learn the age-old art of Silleta making with families like Familia Londono.

10. No outing to Colombia would be finished without an evening to remember. What's more, Andres Carne de Res in Chia is the place of the Rumba, or gathering warms up each end of the week.