Banaras is spiritual capital of India. You can visit Kashi vidhavnath temple. Banaras Hindu University Sarnath Ramnagar fort Ganga Arti nd many more
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Hey Harshita Hope you are doing well!!!! The current situation of banaras is not so well, as the river Ganga is overflowing and its a kind of floody situation here. But yeah if you are visiting at the end of September, possibly things will get better. So, below is the small itinerary that may help you. >In the morning visit the Ram Bhandar for the very special "kachori" and Laxmi chai for the special tea with special bread toast dipped in homemade makkhan. Both are located at chowk. > After the morning breakfast you can proceed for temple visit, Vishwanath corridor is close to chowk, it will take more than 2hr, so please be patience with that😅 have your lunch in Vishwanath Gali > If you have time, you can go to Sarnath and have a great time over there. >don't miss the evening aarti at dashashwamedh ghat, the timing of the aarti is usually after 6 pm > take a boat ride from dashashwamedh ghat to assi ghat and enjoy the beauty of banaras > if you are having an extra day, don't miss the morning aarti at assi ghat, usually it starts after 5am but try to be there before. If you need any other help, you can let me know 😀
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September last or Oct River overflow will be down..don't worry..
If you want to stay near Vishwamath Temple, chowk and Dashashmedh ghat try hotel Ganges Grand
You can try Costa Rivera near Maldahiya..
Thankyou so much ..Can you tell me any good place to stay on the reasonable price .
Solo trip is great idea,,, 2day is sufficient for banaras ..... search tripoto package for Banaras
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2 days are nothing tbh. Banaras want a big time
September-October will be a good time for Banaras. You can go that time. Also the high rise water situation will also be not problem that time, and the views will be amazing. If you like , you can checkout my article for more info on Varanasi/Banaras.
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15mins prior sunrise try to reach ghat everyday. There is a masjid called Alamgir, that place is stunning too. Don't miss Lassi, Kachodi, Samosa, Tahndai, Jalebi. Also try to go to the place where Banarasi sarees are made.
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