One among the locals – My Coorg #offbeatplace

17th Nov 2017
Photo of One among the locals – My Coorg #offbeatplace 1/2 by Roshan Chugh (@vagabondfootsteps)
Photo of One among the locals – My Coorg #offbeatplace 2/2 by Roshan Chugh (@vagabondfootsteps)

The perfect weekend getaway for those who live in the southern part of India and for the others it is the ‘Scotland of India’ a must visit and very exciting place is in all seasons. I would love to enjoy this destination in all the seasons of the year however this time I chose the post Diwali off season time to unwind from the city mess. Going absolutely off beat on this trip I decided to stay in a slightly less famous part of Coorg. This time I got to explore the road less travelled by as I stayed in the interiors of Somvarpet. This beautiful side of Coorg offered me some amazing exposure to the village lifestyles and taste of the local flavor. I had opted to stay in the place called as Parampara in Kushalnagar. Early morning walks into these interiors with a foggy and misty sky along with a river flowing by the side and with the chattering voices of Coorgi women while washing their clothes and vessels by the river, I felt like a local. The aroma of fresh filter coffee with the taste of which would intoxicate any human being, I can bet there could be nothing better to bring in the delicious breakfast with. Food, prepared in these interior parts of Coorg was tasty to a greater level because the spices and ingredients (fruits and vegetables etc) were procured from the private farms owned by locals around the cozy home stays here. Local dishes are a must try and they are prepared with authentic flavor , the different way its prepared in and of course with much love. Well, being a north Indian in this part of south India at this restaurant called 'Coorg Cuisine' in Madekeri during one of my day trips from Somvarpet I had my favourite dish of ‘Rajma’ which was prepared extraordinarily well with a bizarre combination of neer dosa the foodie in me definitely is coming back to Coorg again. Lived like a local and ate like a local this genre of my holiday worked just fine and I did unwind completely with a hangover of greedily wishing for this lifestyle in the city from where I belong.