Things You Can Check Out at Msheireb Museums – A Historical Site in Doha


One can look forward to coming across the Msheireb Museums right across the courtyard of Souq Waqif. These include four heritage houses that were later transformed into museums.

Learn About the Origins

At the Mohammed Bin Jassim House, you can discover how Msheireb museums originated, their evolution, and their present status in the region. Here, you’ll also find out about some of the ‘firsts’ in Doha, including the first pharmacy, the first hotel, and more.

Archaeological Site in Radwani House

Within Radwani House, you will be able to see what’s considered the first-ever archaeological excavation site in Doha. Here, you can explore the various stages of the house prior to its restoration.

Mementoes of the Pioneers of Qatari Oil

Inside the company house, you can learn about not only how oil was discovered, but also of the historical importance of the site. Here, some of the things that were used by the pioneers including radio, marbles, and even calculators are exhibited.

The Garden and the View of the Surroundings

If you feel tired after touring these museums, which are located at some of the best hotels in Doha, you can make a stop at the garden between Radwani House and Mohammed Bin Jassim House. The cluster of seats surrounding a small water fountain offers an idyllic setting to rest for a couple of minutes.