Stop moping already, go on that solo trip right away!

26th May 2019
Photo of Stop moping already, go on that solo trip right away! by Abhijit

An open letter to introverts on why solo travelling can be fun too

To all the introverts out there,

We all know travelling is fun.

But, there’s also this seemingly insurmountable obstacle for us introverts to surmount – how do we convince others to travel where we want to, the way we want to, and when we want to. Frankly, it doesn’t always work out. Why should it stop us though?

So many plans get canned because not all your friends can manage to secure leaves on the same weekend, or don’t agree on a destination or simply are too lazy to plan itineraries.

(I am not even gonna rant about those innumerous cancelled plans to Goa. Another time, maybe.)

So, what do introverts do? Without the debilitating feeling of helplessness when group plans go awry? We do it ourselves. We travel solo. I’ll tell you exactly why it can be so much fun.

1. No need to miss any exciting opportunities

Photo of Stop moping already, go on that solo trip right away! 1/4 by Abhijit
An unplanned trip to Auli. Can you believe it is peak summer?

Be it a promo-offer to travel to a new place at dirt cheap prices or fast-filling seats on a new-year’s eve camping trip, you can book one for yourself without waiting for endless confirmations from friends.

2. Travel where your heart takes you

Inner peace

Ever wanted to go for a beach vacation and spend all your days on the beach reading your favourite book, sipping beers and cocktails? Do that. Ever wanted to climb the mountain instead of doing the regular tourist trail? You could do that too. No place is off-limits!

3. You can make great friends

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Unexpected connetions

It does not mean it is easy. But, you aren’t alone my friend. There are hundreds, if not thousands of solo travellers you can connect with on your travels. And the best part is, if you get along well, you’ve gotten yourself a new friend. And if you don’t vibe well with that person, you can easily excuse yourselves and not feel guilty about not spending time with someone whom you barely know. It’s a win-win.

4. Travel at your own pace

Sometimes, you gotta slow down and smell the flowers

When you travel in a group, more often than not, you tend to rush through experiences – even when you’d have preferred to spend more time exploring the place or watch paint dry. It’s totally up to you. You’re the master of your own time when you travel solo.

5. Wake up late or stay out late

Photo of Stop moping already, go on that solo trip right away! 3/4 by Abhijit
When television is more important than going out

This is a deal breaker, I tell you. A group of people travelling often become a victim of checklists. Sometimes, you need that extra hour (or two) of sleep after dancing through the street carnival at midnight. Or when you’re simply feeling lazy.

6. Eat whatever you want

Photo of Stop moping already, go on that solo trip right away! 4/4 by Abhijit
Nothing better than ice-cream for breakfast!

You’ll find that having no restrictions (and no one watching you) can mean so much when you’re eating out. You can have gelato for breakfast, sip on wine through the day and end with a sumptuous steak and nobody will care. There is nothing as liberating.

7. Get some (a lot of) me time

Travel allows you to unwind. Not so much when you have to fill conversations with small talk though. Travelling solo lets you have your own downtime or engage with fellow travellers if you want.

Let’s make travel less about wanderlust and more about us. Travelling alone need not be a punishment, rather, a journey into the unknown, where we return wiser and happier.

Yours truly,

A fellow introvert