This Is Why People Who Travel Alone Are More Intelligent, According To Science

11th Jul 2016

Our complex personality types are a part of a broad spectrum. On most occasions, our personalities fluctuate according to the situations we battle and the decisions we make. I might be an excited late-nighter over the weekend but on Monday mornings, I like to brainstorm alone at work instead of making it a team activity.

The black and white distinction of personality types does not hold true for most of us but we do have dominant personality traits as extroverts or introverts, which are quite recognisable.

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When it comes to travellers, it's a general feeling that people who venture out, travel to far off places and meet new people are obviously extroverts to the core but the science of travelling is not so simple and straight.

While travelling, I've often met people who by no measure are extroverts. They are often the quieter breed who tackle difficult conversations with a smile and do not appear to be the social butterflies that we often expect them to be.

Come to think of it, there are plausible reasons why introverts make better travellers than extroverts.

#Reason 1: Introverts do not become anxious when left all by themselves on the road.

On the contrary, being alone makes a better comfort space for them. In situations where extroverts anxiously hunt down people to talk to, it's more likely for an introvert to take his/her time and enjoy the initial phase of travelling when it's quite unlikely to find like-minded people in a new destination.

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#Reason 2: Introverts take time to think before they respond, which makes their crisis management capacity better.

The world around us sure has the fondness for sharp individuals who are ready with responses that come off-the-cuff but while travelling it's essential to take some time to view your problems analytically and handle situations around you in a logical manner. Often in a hurry to respond, extroverts find it difficult to undo their impulsive decisions and that's where the introverts have an edge over them.

#Reason 3: For them travelling is more about places than people.

Somehow rule number 1 of travel comes naturally to any introvert in the world. Introverts are the people who refuse to be dictated by the norms of socialising and often while travelling, their focus remains undeterred when they are out there set to explore a location.

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#Reason 4: They can slide in and out of travel groups suiting their convenience.

Extroverted social butterflies often find themselves stuck with incompatible travel groups and given their people-pleasing habits, they often find it hard to switch these travel groups. Introverts on the other hand always have an option to turn their vacation into a solo battle as and when feasible.

#Reason 5: They avoid getting into trouble due to their excessive social filter.

Introverts are often told to speak their mind and in day to day life there's constant pressure hovering over their heads to be more spontaneous. But when you're on a foreign pitch, it's essential to weigh your words.

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#Reason 6: Thankfully, introverts don't believe in small talk.

Introverts might find it hard to strike a conversation with a stranger, however once they do allow people to slowly step into their comfort zone, they will never have a meaningless conversation. Introverts are universally not at peace with the idea of small talk and would always make an effort to have a genuine exchange of ideas whenever possible.

#Reason 7: They know when to shut up.

It's basically the most important personality trait that the entire human civilization should work towards, whether or not you travel.

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#Reason 8: They will give you space.

Introverts understand the value of personal space and are always too protective of their own. While travelling it's often very essential to give each other quality time to invest in exploration of the surroundings and their personal selves. You might be travelling with a group of a dozen people but the times of your life that are left forever embedded in your travel memory are often the silent moments of brooding and contemplation.

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Views on the subject remain personal and might be biased because of my own way of travelling, which is more personal than a community affair. Share your own views on the comments section below and tell us what suits your personality type the best.

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i'm an introvert myself and often want to travel alone. then i think of how i'd survive alone out there.
Thu 11 01 18, 21:23 · Reply · Report
Great article, makes a lot of sense
Fri 03 16 18, 12:45 · Reply · Report
travel to learn,it surely does teach you a better lesson than any university. It shows life and the various aspects in it.The way you wrote was very similar to the way I travel. Thank you writer for putting it on a piece of paper for me :) cheers!
Tue 08 30 16, 13:40 · Reply · Report
Wed 07 20 16, 09:41 · Reply · Report
I find this an overly simplistic characterization of 'introverts' and 'extroverts'. The tone is to be complimentary towards those who identify as 'introverts' and alienating those of us who identify as 'extroverts'. I fit all 8 characteristics attributed to the greatness of introverts even though I self-identify as an 'extrovert'. I wish the author had thought through this before writing a rather shallow opinion piece.
Wed 07 20 16, 04:30 · Reply (2) · Report
Disha prefaced how people can flow between different personality types, especially under differing activities & situations, but that we usually have a dominant personality type. I don't believe she inferred a simplistic view. It's an opinion piece based on research about travel. It's going to discuss things in a general way, rather than delving into a deep psychological discussion that's best left to long form written research.
Thu 07 21 16, 04:24 · Report
Yes, it's an opinion piece. Your opinion is equally welcomed.
Wed 07 20 16, 05:26 · Report
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