What kind of traveler are you?

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You might have noticed during your travels that every traveler has a personality that they carry along with them on the journey. Sometimes the personality is the same one they live with everyday, but other times, you’ll be surprised to find an altogether different person travelling with you! Everyone has certain traits that they display when they’re off on vacation, away from prying eyes. So what’s your travel personality?

  • You’re a Hippy-at-Heart when:

Your trips are completely and utterly spontaneous, often to the dismay of your friends who like to plan their holidays. You’re not one to shy away from trying new things, be it the spicy, foreign dish on the menu or partying with complete strangers. Itinerary? The word does not exist in your dictionary! The best part about you is that you're not hung up on luxury; you just need a roof over your head (sometime’s not even that- you’re perfectly happy sleeping under the stars). You’re adventurous, fun-loving and you have the best travel stories!

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  • You’re a Toffee-nosed Tourist when:

Your holiday is all about glamour, luxury and panache. The only places you consider worthy of your time are designer destinations and you book your stay at a five-star hotel even before your business class flight tickets. You love the metropolitan vibe, and any place without a mall is practically tribal country for you! Street food is for the peasants; fine-dining is what you’re always on the lookout for. Public transport is only something you’ve vaguely heard of and is the stuff of nightmares. You start your journey with two bags but there are four when you get back home. Your friends don’t have cause to complain because you never forget to buy them little trinkets from the place you’re visiting. We’ll admit that you’ve got some serious style, but try mingling with the populace occasionally. You won’t regret it.

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  • You’re a Scrupulous Scheduler when:

You plan your vacations months in advance and just in case something goes wrong, you have back-up plans too! You don’t understand how travelling without itineraries is even allowed. Spontaneity gives you panic attacks. You check, double-check, triple-check your reservations. You’re an expert packer. Your colour-coded list of activities to do is your bible and to stray is sacrilege! You have the guidebook almost memorised. Your friends think you’re no fun, but you’re the reason they got everything booked right on time and will be able to pack in a whole host of activities during their time off! Don’t worry about their occasional grumbles, they’ll thank you after their fun-packed trip!

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  • You’re a Social Media Sojourner when:

You’re going for a vacation and you want the world to know. You’ve updated your Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, everything, in anticipation. And when you’re there, your friend list is bombarded with pictures, status updates and pings about how much fun you’re having. You don’t want to just enjoy the moment; you want ‘likes’ while you do it. If the internet is momentarily down, your vacation seems ruined. Here’s a tip for you: put down your phone and actually enjoy your time off. We’ll be spared the barrage of updates and you’ll have actual memories of your trip and not just a Twitter feed you can look back on.

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  • You’re a Spartan Adventurer when:

You have never ever paid excess baggage charges and you think that people who over-pack are definitely doing something wrong. Your travels are perfectly budgeted to suit your pocket. You don’t like to stay at hotels. If you could, you would stay at a home-stay or couch surf every single time. Your friends who want to travel without spending too much come to you for your sagely advice or ask you to take a trip with them. You love weekend getaways where you can just pick up your bag and leave for the nearest tourist destination. You like to go off the beaten path and truly explore the place you’re in. Your holidays are hassle-free and simple, just like your personality.

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  • You’re a Homesick Holidayer when:

Everywhere you go, you look for the comforts of your own hometown. You’re constantly comparing your city to the one you’re in and making a mental checklist of things that are annoying you about it. You try and stick to the kind of food you’re used to because what if you get a nasty stomach bug? You don’t make friends because you have enough friends back home. You’re never one to wander off and truly explore a place and want to stay at your hotel for as long as possible. You will make an effort to visit all the tourist attractions and complain about the crowd. Try stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while and you might be surprised by what you discover.  

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  • You’re a Repeat Tripper when:

You go to the same vacation destination every. single. year. Come on! Find something new to do this time around!

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  • You’re an Existential Explorer when:

You want more from your vacation than just pretty places and nice restaurants. You look for a deeper meaning in your journeys so that you may discover something about yourself along the way. Your backpack has a generous helping of books and there’s definitely a diary and a pen stashed in there somewhere. You wear your heart on your sleeve and love talking to anybody who’s willing to share a part of themselves with you. You love travelling alone to locations that aren’t popular with tourists because you think you’ll find more meaning there. Just remember not to neglect your friends and family because they’re the ones you’ll be sharing your stories with.

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  • You’re a Gushing Groupie when:

The mere idea of solo trips scares you. When you go on a vacation, you like to go with a gaggle of friends and thrive in all the chaos that comes along with such a trip. Quiet escapes are not for you because you like to partay! YOLO, you know. You just can’t fathom why people would take solo journeys to far-away places that aren’t even on the merrymaking map! You love posting pictures of your vacation on social media so that your friend list knows that you’re all about having fun! You’re not wrong; these kinds of vacations are Hella fun but there’s nothing like a simple retreat, even with your friends, to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

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