5 Treks in Himachal that are still not on travel blogger's radar


We open our Instagram and see travel bloggers going on treks, we instantly want to follow them to these places. But now it seems like these people are running out of places to go and they are travelling to same places like Triund, Jibhi and Kasol again and again. Now how do you fulfill your desire to explore new places, Worry not, we have a list of treks that are not on the radar of travel bloggers yet. So peace is guaranteed along with nature's best if you plan to take on any of these treks.

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Chobia Pass Trek

This is the second highest pass in the Pir Panjal Range, mostly tread by the Gaddi tribe to reach Lahaul and Spiti. The trek begins from Hadsar, Bharmour and takes about 5-6 days. One has to pass through the valley, picturesque hamlets, cross streams and climb huge boulders before they finally reach Udaipur in Lahaul. This trek is not done alone, you can find guides in Hadsar but if you want a unique kind of experience you must do it with the Gaddi people.

Difficulty: Difficult/Moderate

Highest altitude: 16,500 feet

Best time: June to late September. Snow makes it very difficult to do this in winters.

Kalihani Pass trek

Also known as gateway to Bara Bhangal, this trek is seldom taken by anyone other than hardcore trekking enthusiasts. This 8-10 day trek is a perfect replacement to Beas Kund trek. It begins in Manali and ends in Manali. Apart from crossing beautiful meadows and walking on ridges, you get the exceptional views of Hanuman Tibba, Indrasan and Deo Tibba. There are some strenuous trails and steep climbs on this trek, so be prepared.

Difficulty: Moderate

Highest altitude: 15,498 feet

Best time: From May to September. Snow makes it impossible to do it during winter months.

Jalsu Pass Trek

This pass connects Chamba to Kangra and unlike other passes, Indrahar and Minkiani Pass, Jalsu pass is very easy to cross. It is also known as the flower valley of Himachal Pradesh, because of the presence of meadows filled with tiny flowers all around the trail. The trek can be attempted either from Chamba or Kangra side, but it is preferred from Chamba as that is comparatively easier of the two routes. The trek begins from Holi, Chamba and ends at Uttrala near to Palampur.

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Highest altitude: 11,300 feet

Best time: The Jalsu Pass can be crossed between early April and late October. If you want to see flowers blooming, you must do it in July or August.

Mantalai Lake Trek

Located in Parvati Valley this lake is the origin point of river Parvati. The trek begins from Pulga, which is also the starting point for Kheerganga trek. The trail passes through waterfalls, dense forest, meadows, river crossings and boulder-rich terrain. It takes about 6-7 days and you need to be in a good physical state to take on this trek.

Difficulty: Moderate/Challenging

Highest altitude: 13,500 feet

Best time: It is to be done between June to October. For the rest of the year , the trail is covered by snow.

Miyar Valley Trek

Limitless plains, with a carpet of flowers being fed by a glacial stream, this is Miyar Valley for you. The 5-day-trek begins from Khanjar, last village of Miyar Valley, 30 minutes away from Shukto, the last motorable point before the village. You cross grasslands, flower beds, mountain streams, moraine and boulders while on this trek.

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate

Highest altitude: 11,500 feet

Best time: It is to be done between June to October, for the rest of the year trail is covered by snow.

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