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Barely 18 kms from Dharamshala, Kangra is the perfect weekend getaway for tourists and explorers alike. This small bustling city hides away quite a few marvels within its Dhauladhar Ranges. Those looking to nestle amidst its simplistic beauty must make it a priority to visit Pragpur village, which is India's only heritage village, a place with an allure that can only be compared with those colourful little European hamlets one has only seen on TV or in children's books. Another not so well known gem in this city is the Masroor Monolith Rock temple, which is an 8th century archeological wonder made of a group of 15 temples carved out of rock, with a pond in the foreground. A location that remains a favourite with tourists is the Kangra Fort, with ramparts over a 4 km stretch protecting it, atop a hill at the conflux of Patal Ganga and Banganga river. A 200 metre walk up the road from the Kangra Fort is all that is needed for those wanting to delve more into the city's history, where they shall reach the Maharaja Sansar Chand Museum, which provides an insight into the luxurious lifestyle once led by the Katochs, the erstwhile Kangra Royal family. Adventure seekers will love the various treks that go through the Dhauladhar Ranges usually ending near the Chamba valley, providing picturesque views. The city houses some of the most charming little cafes that to every book worm's delight have a shelf full of books and cook everything from Himachali, Italian and Tibetan cuisines on the menu. Some renowned cafes and restaurants are Moonpeak, Peace Cafe, Nechung Cafe, Snow Lion Cafe, Jimmy's Italian Cafe and Indique, wherein one can also enjoy live music nights.

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The Kangra Fort is in Old Kangra, only an hour away from Dharamsala....

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In the old town of Kangra also lies the Kangra Fort, which is the largest fort of the Himalayas....

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Near Dharamshala Town, Kangra
It is about 20 kms from Dharamshala and is one of the largest forts in the Himalayas and its history can be traced back to the Mahabharata epics.
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Dhauladhar range, Kangra 176219
We started our day around 7am after having breakfast. As I started my trek after 15 minutes, I started feeling dizzy and I thought maybe I was trying harder. I rested a bit and fortunately it was getting better but the route was getting much difficult. I literally have to crawl my way even though one can find distorted steps made of rocks by the Gaddi shepherds. (A local tribe who travels each day across Indrahar pass over the snow and reach Chamba district on the other side). Halway through the trek, we have to cross a frozen waterfall which was very difficult because it is very steep and we have to made our way with axes to fir our shoes. One have to very careful because one wrong step and you can slide down almost 500m through the broken and slippery snow. Once we cross the snow, the rocky terrain continued. You can spot different species of ferns and flora (beautiful small yellow flowers surrounded our way). After bruising my elbow, slipping a lot more times than I expected I reached the top and the breathtakingly stunning from the top just worth every pain. Soon I traversed a bit sideways and reached the small mountain goddess placed at the top. It had taken 3.5 hours for me to reach the top from Lhasa caves. The other side was full of snow and there are no traces of any human as far as my eyes could see. I cherished the moment for some time and imbibed the fresh Himalayan air. One will literally feel above cloud nine here. The scenic view engulfed me and made me speechless. After some clicks I started descending downwards and it was not that easy as I expected. You need to have strong knees because it gets very strenuous to control your descent.
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Delhi to Narkanda (420 kms)Everyone was itching to escape the dreadful heat of Delhi and get some respite in the sedative ambiance of the hills. And hey presto, as soon as we entered the ghats, the weather turned misty and greeted us with incredible spectacle:


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