On top of Mountains, Amidst valleys #TravelMemories2019


Panoramic view of Doda

Photo of On top of Mountains, Amidst valleys #TravelMemories2019 by Pallavi Sareen

Small hut perched on a hilltop at Bajalta

Photo of Bajalta Station Road, Baljata by Pallavi Sareen

The curves amidst mountains on Mansar Road, Jammu

Photo of Mansar Lake, Buttal by Pallavi Sareen

Lush green mountains amidst clouds in Mantalai

Photo of Mantalai by Pallavi Sareen

Pink blossoms line the road as sunlight falls on the valley in Sudhmahadev

Photo of Sudhmahadev by Pallavi Sareen

A dry stream cuts lush green mountains in Himachal Pradesh

Photo of Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, India by Pallavi Sareen