Drive through Hills of Uttrakhand

4th Apr 2017

The added advantage of staying in Delhi, the capital city of india, to me is that I don’t have to wait for long weekends to escape from the maddening rush of a metro life and the scorching heat of Delhi. It has numerous hill stations that can be reached easily for a quick recharging I need from time to time.

One such trip took me to Almora, a small Cantonment town in Kumaon division in Uttarakhand state of India, situated at 1638 meters above the sea level.

Photo of Almora, Uttarakhand, India by shubham saxena

The mountain lover, me, got everything I required to recharge my batteries from this road trip through hills.

It was the month of August and so the monsoon season was at it peak. The mountains are very risky during monsoon as the risk of mountain sliding is there and it can be life threatening too. But the risk we took was worth taking for those spectacular views and the experiences we had on our journey to Almora.

It usually takes 5-6 hours to reach Almora from Delhi by road but it was a 10 hour drive for us (all thanks to water logging on road and the traffic jams in the cities)

Once we were out of the cities and entered the mountains the peace and tranquility surrounded us.

Mountains become fiercely beautiful in monsoon. The thick and green vegetation that embraced these mountains during monsoon add to their beauty. The lush green grass and tall trees that sway with the winds, is a treat to the eyes that have become tired of seeing the concrete jungle all around.

The sound of the flowing water and the view of these seasonal waterfalls compelled us to break our journey every time we spotted one. The road side tea stalls and the plate of pakoras satisfied the foodie in me. Having ginger tea along with the assorted vegetables and paneer pakoras amidst the beauty of nature was so heavenly and it cannot be described in few words.

My stay at Almora was only for one night for some reason but the drive from Delhi-Almora-Delhi gave me the much needed break from the busy metro life.

I get fully soaked in the beauty of nature and its beauty. And I am awaiting another chance to slip to this place again.

A person with a traveler soul. Wanderlust!!

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