Stay Options in Spiti Valley

Photo of Stay Options in Spiti Valley by Megha Rana

We followed the Shimla Kaza Manali Route to visit the entire Spiti Valley circuit. Starting from Kinnaur let me tell you about the places we stayed at and the ones we had considered before locking in our options.

Day 1: Nightstay at Kalpa

We stayed at Hotel Kalpa. I made the booking through make my trip. The room was priced at ₹3650. The lunch, dinner and breakfast for two cost us an additional ₹1260. The beds were electrically heating ones. The room and washroom were very clean. The views from terrace were beautiful. Do make sure you call the owner before your arrival because within the same category of rooms, they give preferential allotment of rooms to the ones who kept in touch with them about room facilities.

As compared to the other stay options at Kalpa, Hotel Kalpa is definitely one of the best.

Other recommendations:

Hotel Kinner Kailash Residency (The best option but mostly sold out)

The White Castle

Day 2: Nightstay at Tabo

We stayed at Hotel Tow Dhey. I did the booking over phone. It was priced at ₹2800 including dinner and breakfast. The food was nice and homely. The rooms were clean, comfortable and with a balcony. The washroom too was clean with basic toiletries available. The location was very good. Overall it was an economical stay with value for money.

Other Recommendations:

Hotel Maitree Regency

Hotel Siddhartha

Hotel Tiger Den

Zostel Tabo

One can also stay in Tabo monastery.

Day 3: Nightstay at Kibber

We hadn't booked anything and we had to juggle the last minute. First we were looking for stay options in Kaza but then settled for kibber as it would save us the return journey to Kaza from Kibber. We stayed at Deshek homestay. It costed us ₹2000 including dinner and breakfast. Initially we were trying to book the Forest/PWD guest house in Kaza. But somehow we didn't go for that. And I am happy that we didn't. It was altogether a different kind of pleasure to stay in a homestay at Kibber and observe the lives of people at an altitude of 4200 m. The host lady was wonderful, hospitable and very hard working. The rooms were basic yet comfortable. Room had an attached terrace where we sat and sipped our tea enjoying the chill and the panoramic kibber village. Zostel was also a few meters away but I am happy we opted for homestay rather. Dinner was prepared by host lady herself and there was a chit chatty atmosphere in the dining. We met some other travellers and had a great time.

Other recommendations:

Norling homestay kibber

Zostel kibber

Day 4: Nightstay at Sumling on Kaza Manali Highway

We stayed at Tendel homestay about 20 km from Kaza on the other side of Rangarik bridge towards Manali on Kaza Manali highway. It costed us ₹ 2160 for stay and ₹300 for lunch and dinner including tea. The hospitality was best and the room including washroom was ultra clean and comfortable. The location was convenient on the roadside and surroundings were beautiful as well.

Other recommendations:

Some homestay in Losar/ Kaza

Infact, you may also choose to do the Langza, Komic, Hikkim circuit on first day of your arrival at Kaza and do the Key Kibber on second day. This way you'll stay at kibber on the last day and can directly take the road from kibber to chicham bridge to kiato. Kiato is the point where you'll meet the Kaza Manali highway. Taking this route will save you considerable distance.

Bidding adieu! Happy tripping!


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Photo of Stay Options in Spiti Valley by Megha Rana

Dining at Tendel homestay

Photo of Stay Options in Spiti Valley by Megha Rana

@Tendel Homestay

Photo of Stay Options in Spiti Valley by Megha Rana

@Hotel kalpa

Photo of Stay Options in Spiti Valley by Megha Rana

@Hotel Kalpa terrace view

Photo of Stay Options in Spiti Valley by Megha Rana