5 international cruises under 5k a night from India 


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Photo of 5 international cruises under 5k a night from India by Ayushee Chaudhary

Travelling around the world has become a to do in almost everyone’s checklist be it for professional reasons, personal wants or just rejuvenating vacations but how one travels is often an individual’s choice. While some argue that travelling on a cruise is not the best way to go around not just because it takes more time but also because it keeps one off from a little detour into the narrow unexplored lanes, unplanned chit chats with the locals etc.; others believe it to be the best way to revive your soul from the chaos and let life flow with the sea waves around as you relax and get enough time to spend with yourself amid luxury. Well, despite differences in impressions, experiencing a cruise at least once is a must on a traveller’s check list.

If you are someone who's idea of travelling is a relaxed vacation, the sounds of the waves an ideal melody, the constant sea smell is not a botheration and the vast expanse of blue the most serene sight than cruise your way to your next destination. 

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Here are a few feasible cruises you can take from India when your pockets might not be the heaviest but you have enough time off.

Kolkata to Bangladesh

Cruise liner: M.V. Paramhamsa

Duration: 14 days, 13 nights

Route: Kolkata – Kalna – Borisal – Chandpur – Sonargaon – Dhaka

Price: ₹15,000 per person onwards (₹1153 per night)

Find more details here.

Mumbai to Oman

Photo of 5 international cruises under 5k a night from India  5/16 by Ayushee Chaudhary
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Cruise liner: Costa Cruise Lines, Costa Victoria

Duration: 29 days, 28 nights

Route: Bombay – New Mangalore – Cochin – Male – Salalah – Oman

Price: ₹90,000 per person onwards (₹3216 per night)

Know more about this cruise here.

Cochin to Singapore

Cruise Liner: Costa Cruises, Costa Venezia

Route: Cochin; Colombo; Langkawi; Port Klang - Kuala Lumpur; Singapore

Duration: 6 - 9 Days

Price: ₹29500 per person (₹3687 per night)

Find further details here.

Mumbai to Venice (Italy)

Photo of 5 international cruises under 5k a night from India  13/16 by Ayushee Chaudhary
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Cruise liner: Costa Cruise, Costa neoRiviera

Duration: 27 days, 26 nights

Route: Mumbai (India) – New Mangalore (India) – Kochi (India) – Malé (Maldives) – Salalah (Oman) – Eilat (Israel) – Aqaba (Jordan) – Heraklion (Greece) – Dubrovnik (Croatia) – Venice (Italy)

Price: ₹1,04,420 per person (₹ 4016 per night)

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Cochin to Abu Dhabi

Photo of 5 international cruises under 5k a night from India  15/16 by Ayushee Chaudhary
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Cruise Liner: Celebrity Cruises, Celebrity Constellation

Route: Cochin, New Mangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi

Duration: 8 nights, 9 days

Price: ₹36, 914 per person (₹4614 per night)

Abu Dhabi cruise can also be taken from Mumbai for 8 nights at the price of ₹38965 per person (₹4870 per night)

Know more about the details of the cruise here.

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